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Inspirational Googlisms

Stuck on inspiration for a concept or creative project?

...have no fear, Googlisms to the rescue.

What are Googlisms?

Googlisms was created as a fun tool to see what Google 'thinks' of certain topics and people. Googlisms uses Google to search for thoughts, comments and opinions on thousands of different topics and people of your choice and then returns a list of sentences or phrases which were found to accompany your search query. Although this idea was originally created for fun, I think it could be used as part of the creative process to generate new ideas around a central theme.

How do I do this Googlism thing?

Simply click here to visit the Googlism website, and remember to check the respective 'who, what, where, when' radio buttons to optimise your search results.

My Favorite Googlisms for 'Painter'

Painter is a virtuoso whose work earns acclaim
Painter is here
Painter is a powerful digital painting tool
Painter is an educational art software product
Painter is the man
Painter is an on screen art studio
Painter is everything
Painter is famous for its incredible natural
Painter is the eyes of the world
Painter is widely used by traditional painters and artists that have transitioned to the digital realm
Painter is a very deep program that offers customizability and great flexibility
Painter is
Painter is the painting tool
Painter is a wonderful program to start with
Painter is the software tool to have if you are looking for a natural media look to your digital art
Painter is to use
Painter is what I needed so badly for a long time
Painter is necessary
Painter is an extraordinary and beautiful application
Painter is a shooting star who enchanted me
Painter is a person
Painter is a partner in the business practice group
Painter is a mainstream box
Painter is the one I'll finally learn
Painter is trusted by
Painter is most proud
Painter is updated
Painter is used to draw the line while the user is dragging the mouse
Painter is a program that creates digital paintings based on photographs supplied by you
Painter is primarily a tool for image creation
Painter is a great product
Painter is responsible for the final appearance of the set
Painter is a highly efficient and high quality image processing and painting tool
Painter is very different
Painter is very talented
Painter is an extremely powerful graphics tool that lets you use a rich arsenal of traditional painting tools including pencils
Painter is required for
Painter is a wonderful painting program for children ages 6 and older with dozens of fun features including coloring
Painter is an art supply store in a box
Painter is open

...and Painter is only us$24 (My fave Painter wish ;-)

NB. For anyone wishing to explore another idea generating (brain storming) concept, you may be interested in a software application called 'Paramind'. There are versions for both Mac and PC, although at the time of writing, the Mac version will only work in OSX classic space/ OS9x.

Happy Googlisms :-)