Saving Custom Palettes in Corel Painter IX

I have learned from experience that a newly created custom palette can be unstable in Painter IX. What I mean by this is that I have experienced Painter crashing when I first click a custom script icon in a newly created Custom Palette. The solution I have discovered is to quit Painter as soon as I have created and arranged a custom palette as I want it, before clicking on any of the icons within the palette.

A theory of mine is that perhaps some of the data relating to a newly created custom palette is initially stored in RAM or a temporary file. This may be fine until one of the icon links in the custom palette is clicked, and if Painter cannot find the information it requires, the application consequently does a vanishing act. This theory is borne out by the fact that the new custom palette is no longer available after the crash, or any changes made to an existing custom palette are lost. By quitting Painter prior to clicking any of the Custom Palette icons, Painter may copy the relevant data to the correct location during closing. This is just a wild guess of course, and the reality may be somewhat different.

The procedure I have also adopted is that upon subsequent re-launch of the application, I immediately save the new custom palette to a new file, so I can re-import it back in the event of anything adverse happening to the palette on screen. To do this, go to Window menu>Custom Palette>Organizer>Export.