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Converting Corel Painter IX 'xml' Brush Variant Files for use in Versions 7/8.

Due to additional features added to the Corel Painter brush engine, the associated brush xml files are not compatible with previous versions of Painter. However, it is possible to edit these files to make them compatible.

Note however that the Artists' Oils category for example, will still be unavailable to pre-Painter IX users. Therefore, please bear in mind that the edited files are not guaranteed to produce exactly the same brush characteristics when used with earlier versions.

Above: Example showing differences between an equivalent brush variant xml file for Painter IX (left) and Painter 7/8 (right).

Step by Step Procedure.

1. Open a copy of the Painter IX brush xml file to be converted in a suitable text editor (e.g Note Pad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac).

2. With reference to the above example, edit the lines <!-- Painter 9 Brush Definition --> to read <!-- Painter 7.0 Brush Definition --> and version-number="8" to version-number="7"

3. Remove the line oil-profile="" ("SoftRound" in the above example).

4. Add a > symbol at the end of the line diffuse-accurate="" ("True" in this example).

5. Delete lines below diffuse-accurate="" commencing with the line delayed-diffuse="" ("True" in the above) and ending with the line oil-dirty-mode="" ("False" in this example).

6. Add a new line, direction="0.0" after the line min-advance="1.0"

7. After the line volume-animator="" ("None" in the above example), remove all the proceeding 'direction' lines, commencing with direction-angle="" ("0.0" in this case) and ending the line direction-volume="" ("0.0" in this case).

8. Close up any blank lines and save the edited document. In my example, the edited xml file should now look like this.

Note that when sharing 'Captured' Dab Type variants, remember to include the associated 'jpg' file of the same name.