Brush Variant of the Moment

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What's New?


* BrushTalk Blog now up and running.


* Custom script library to quickly switch between multiple clone source documents. Download page also contains general information on clone sources, Tracing Paper and switching between Point-to-Point and Normal cloning.


* An Auto Digital Watercolor technique using Auto Van Gogh in Painter IX.5.


* Added a Brush Port banner. Please feel free to download and link to this page from your website.


* Three ways to display unique icons for individual brush variants in a custom palette.

Free scripts provided by JavaScript Kit
Welcome to Brush Port Base


My name is David Gell, your Brush Port host. The site focuses on free resources, tips and tutorials for Painter, the virtual art studio software from Corel. I hope you enjoy your stay, and please keep popping back for updates and more resources as they become available.

All Brush Variant of the Moment files are for Painter 7 and upwards. The complete collection can be downloaded from here.
Out and About

* John Derry publishes his Painter tutorials in pdf format, now available for download from his website.

* The September 2006 edition of the Painter Canvas newsletter is now out.