Good Guys

Here are the good guys from Captain Planet.

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Captain Planet [ top ]

Captain Planet

Captain Planet is a super hero with the powers of nature, he is called when the Planeteers "let there powers combine", he is the powers of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart magnified.

When the planeteers call him there rings are useless until he returns from where he came from. He has all the knowledge of the universe. He is usually called when the problems are to big for the Planeteers to handle.

Captain Planet he weaknesses such as when he is exposed to toxic waste, acid rain and most pollution. When he is injured of exposed to pollution the globe on his chest turns grey, to show his powers are faiding.
He uses his powers only for good, so he has to use his knowledge to stop the bad guys from hurting the earth and its people, but not hurt them.

Captain Planet is not a solution to fixing the world, he tries to teach the world to help fix the damage we humans have done. From recycling to cleaning oil spills. At the end of the episodes he usually gives a talk on matters such as why it is wrong to litter and how to help the enviroment.

He has no clothes in a way, but he is made up of the elements of nature, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice.
As in the picture he has Green hair(grass), Blue skin(sky), Brown eyes(earth), Red chest, gloves and boots (Blood), Yellow globe(sun).

  Gaia [ top ]
Gaia or prounounced Guy-ah.

She is the spirit and protector of the Earth. She choose each of the Planeteers because of there individual
abilities, kindness and will to save the earth.

Gaia and the planet are connected when it is hurt, she is hurt, no matter what happens from a oil spill or
forest fire she feels it and contacts the Planeteers to help.

Shje has a lot of wisdom, and helps the Planeteers when they are in trouble.

  Kwame [ top ]
Kwame pronounced Qua-me.

Kwame is from Africa. He has the power of earth and can create small earthquakes, create holes and move the earth when he bids.

He has a profound wisdom for growing and planting things. From his home of Africa, he has seen forest and wildlife destroyed by humans and nature. He is determind because of this to save the planet.

He is a quiet and serious person, but often takes leadership of the group.

  Gi [ top ]

Gi pronounced Ghee is from Asia.

She has the power of water. She can control any source of water, from a well to the sea. She can also control the water to do her bidding. Such as put out fires.

She is a student of marine biology, and has a strong understanding of science and other ocean.

She is at home in the sea and enjoys to surf.

  Linka [ top ]

Linka is from eastern europe. She has the power of wind. Can call up small toradoes and whirlwinds.

She has a strong understanding of computers and analysing abilities. She is hot tempered and feisty. A very logical person.

Wheeler and her have a thing for each other, but his arrogence and boisterous nature, puts her off. She cares much for him but will not let him know that.

  Wheeler [ top ]

Wheeler is from Brooklyn, USA, he has the power of fire and can create a fire when he wants. Usually from a bolt of lightning.

He is the joker of the pack always cracking a joke with the other Planeteers.

He does not know much when it comes to the ecosystem, but he is kind at heart and wants to protect the enviroment.

He is a bit of a ladies man or so he thinks, he has a think with Linka. He flirts alot with her but she wont give him the time of day.

  Ma-ti [ top ]
Ma-ti or pronounced Mah-Tee.

Ma-ti is from South America he has the power of heart. With this power he has telepathic abilities, and communicates with the other planeteers and gaia.

He was raised by a Kayapo Indian shaman and has unknown knowledge of the rain forrest which includes undestanding of the healing powers of planet's in the rain forest.

He has a pet spider monkey called Suchi. With his power he is able to communicate with animals and feel there emotions which helps teh planneteers in certain situations.