The Humber paddle steamers in 1970`s

(photo - B.White)
Paddle steamer "Lincoln Castle" (built 1940) in full steam on River Humber

(photo B.White)
PS "Lincoln Castle" comes alongside New Holland pier.

(photo - "Memory Lane" 528 Hessle Rd Hull)
PS Lincoln Castle on the river Humber

(photo - "Memory Lane" 528 Hessle Rd Hull)
The engine room of PS Lincoln Castle

(photo - "Memory Lane" 528 Hessle Rd Hull)
PS Lincoln Castle comes alongside New Holland pier in its last year of operation.

The Humber paddle steamers in 2000

PS Lincoln Castle became a floating pub and was moored alongside the
National Fishing Heritage Museum in Alexandra Dock Grimsby - seen here on 27-9-00.
Sadly she later required extensive repairs to the hull and was beached near Corporation
Bridge in the Alexandra Dock for several years, presumably awaiting funding for the work, finally
being scrapped within sight of the museum in 2011.

P.S. Tattershall Castle moored on the River Thames in London
also now a floating pub. - September 2000

(photo Bill Gladwell)
PS Wingfield Castle at Hartlepool, the place of its birth, in August 2000

Tattershall Castle on the Thames in 2012 

(photo - Chris Bates)
The scene on the River Thames on Saturday 3rd June 2012 with PS Tattershall Castle crammed with people straining
to catch a glimpse of HM the Queen and Prince Philip as they head the 1000 vessel flotilla down the Thames as part of the
Royal Jubilee celebrations. Chris was onboard the Mercuria and says, " Along the Embankment of course, we passed the vessels
permanently moored there -- and to my great delight, there was my old friend the Tattershall Castle. Paddle wheels boxed in
(maybe removed) she was loaded with more people than I had ever seen on a Humber Ferry before -- to the point where she
noticeably listing to starboard!"

(photo - Chris Bates)
"By this time the weather had deteriorate to very heavy rain, severe cold and strong winds but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the
people on the Tattershall Castle -- nor the Queen and the other Royals as they sailed past. Needless to say we waved and shouted Hurrah at
this last  surviving relic of the New Holland ferry service still carrying people in 2012!

The Humber Bridge spans the River Humber between Barton upon Humber on the south bank  and Hessle on the north bank.
The Humber ferry was withdrawn on 24th June 1981 - the day that the bridge was opened.