Girdles for Men

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Historically men have also worn corsetry albeit to a lesser extent than women, as the above Victorian advertisement testifies, and the reasons for this have often been similar to why women wore them. Improved appearance and support during strenuous exercise may well have been reasons why a man might wear such a garment, but certainly in more recent times corset wearing was seen as being a primarily female activity. Some reporting of males wearing corsets and being tight laced is reported in Victorian literature such as the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, but this appears to have been a minority interest, and many of the letters relating to tight lacing are probably also male fantasies.


Stayformen 1950's? Hold that line with Stayformen

Girdles specifically designed for men have also been advertised since the 1930's, with the earlier advertising emphasizing the girdle being useful to remove unsightly bulges under the suit. The health aspects of girdle wearing were stressed in such advertising, and in addition there was no hint of any decoration that might suggest a feminine garment. Even the names of the garments were carefully selected

Manly girdle 1950's

Whilst support garments for men have never been popular sometimes you can still find adverts for such products.

Girdles for men and women 2001

The following is taken from a current UK mail order shopping catalogue called Bright-Life. Now you can order matching his and her girdles!

It is also understood that some underwear manufacturers have been exploring whether there are significant male markets for support garments, but it remains to be seen whether many men can be convinced to wear them. Corsetry and foundation wear is primarily associated with women's clothing, and convincing men otherwise is likely to be difficult.

A minority of men may already wear women's girdles but few are likely to admit to it! Such girdles can be worn for a variety of reasons. Some men may wear them solely to improve their appearance, whilst for others the girdle may be a fetish item of clothing. Others still may wear girdles to assist in promoting a feminine illusion as part of a transvestite or transsexual fantasy. The topic of girdle wearing as a male fetish is described elsewhere in this site.( Girdles and Fetishism)