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Now in its Second Edition:
"How Apollo Flew to the Moon"

From the reviews:

"This is, quite simply, one of the five best books
ever written about the Apollo programme." - Liftoff magazine

"This is a worthy addition to any ... astronaut's
library" - Flight International

"If there is one book you need to read on the subject,
this is the one to get!." - Jim Cottle, SFAA Bulletin

"How Apollo Flew to the Moon by W. David Woods is just a masterpiece of a read." - Jafo, Amazon

Published by Praxis/Springer


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Apollo History
Review: 'Apollo: The Race to the Moon'
Newspaper Article: 'Apollo 11: 30 Years'
Kennedy Space Centre '94
Eclipse 1999
Leonids 1999
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Poem - Gealach

Solar Power at Scottish Sunbeams!

Follow my blog on installing an operating a solar photovoltaic system to generate my own electricity - in the notoriously inclement Scottish weather!

I am writing about the technology, the finance and the hoops I have to negotiate to get it installed. Once it is operating, I will document how well it works compared to expectations.

Kevin's Hillwalking

My son keeps a log of his hillwalking in words and photographs.

With help from a bunch of great folk around the world, this is my website at NASA following the flights of the Apollo Moon missions.


Pics and Panoramas on the web
Prints of any photographs on this website can be had by emailing me: dave.woods - at - ntlworld.com
My photography is now available through the following Microstock websites:







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