Hârn Scenario Log

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Hudeson Party




Prior to Sept 2003

A Stranger in Hudeson

Hudeson Squabbles

Kobing, Bandits and the Dank Stalker

Sept 2003

Journey to Trobridge 1 – Tashal & The Melancholy Air

November 2003

Journey to Trobridge 2 and Journey to Korego – Arrival and Capture

Jan 2004

Inside Korego

Apr 2004

Return from Trobridge (Tashal Investigations & Home to Hudeson)

September 2004

Set off towards Wythia Abbey, but encounter trouble at Kobing

November 2004

The Drelsyne skirmish

January 2005

Aftermath – return to Kobing, and Wythia Abbey

March 2005

The Battle of Mutane

April 2005

Return to Korego

July 2005

The Battle of Grace

April 2006

The Coronation

July 2006

Orthasa and the Osel massacre

October 2006

A Murder Mystery at Kobing Keep

è Feb 2008 (mix of Skype and weekend sessions)

“Going Underground” in Tashal
“Going Undercover” with the Pagaelin