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Old News

Happy Christmas from Dan's Remakes to all of you.


Welcome visitors from the Linux Game Tome.

Well, today has been a surprise as far as site visitors go - over 100 visitors in the last couple of hours and quite a few downloads too.  I've added a "mirror" download site for Chaos Caverns via Sharebigfile.com to ease the bandwidth (mirror 1).  If you have trouble downloading from there then the original download location still works (mirror 2).


I'll be moving most of the content of this site to a new host sometime next week (I'm just waiting for the new DNS to propagate before moving things over).

Why move?  Well, the host I get from my service provider, nice as it is doesn't allow me to use simple things like server side includes, which are essential once a site gets beyond a couple of pages.

[read more]


Release time!  The update to Chaos Caverns is now available for your downloading pleasure.  With tweaked level designs, updated graphics, more levels, more baddies, generally more everything!

I'll update the screenshots to the latest version later on.

What are you waiting for?  Go to the downloads page!


Nearly Crimbo eh?  Time to deck the halls and all that malarkey!  I bet you thought I'd forgotten didn't you?  Well, that next release of Chaos Caverns is on its way, with all the extra levels, tweaked graphics and other stuff.  I'm just making the finishing touches and fiddling with some of the code.  So yes, 14 levels of Manic Miner inspired goodness, with just a dash of Technician Ted and Blagger thrown in for good measure.

I'm also putting together some plans for next year, and a new game will be coming your way at some point.  Sssh!  Don't tell anyone!


Things have been a bit hectic lately, dealing with the insurers, builders and plumbers has taken up a fair bit of my time so far (and is going to take up some more of my time over the next couple of weeks).  Still, I've not forgotten this site, oh dear me no.

I'm re-organising things a little bit, so expect some (minor) changes as time goes on, such as the "other stuff" section over there on the left.  Go on, click it.  You know you want to.

I'll be looking at releasing an updated version of Chaos Caverns sometime before Christmas (all being well).


In gaming news. . . . .  Version 1 of Chaos Caverns will should be released today.  The game currently contains 11 levels and details on how to add more levels of your own.

The screenshots section has been updated to contain images of all the levels from this release.  Windows and Linux versions of both games will be in the game archive.

Update: Chaos Caverns v1 available for download.

Update 2:
An updated version of v1 is now online with some tweaked graphics and updated versions of the first three levels.  The screenshots section will be updated later.


It looks like I'm still employed, which is great.  But one of my colleagues has now departed this world of work.  Ho hum.

At least it's a weight off my mind, so now I can start to concentrate on more fun things - like adding more stuff to my games.

More later. . . . . . . .


Small update time.  First the good news - I've started adding some new levels to the game. Hopefully I'll reach the goal of 16 levels then make another release.  Keep an eye on the work blog if you're interested.

Now the (maybe) not so good news. . . .  Tuesday I find out if I'm still employed - or whether I have to take three months "gardening leave" before claiming my redundancy.

More news as it happens!


Real life has taken up more time than expected over the summer months - and has just delivered a rather large kick in the teeth too.

After fifteen years of gainful employment the redundancy fairy has fluttered down on gossamer wings and pointed her wand at me (and the other engineers in our department).

Three members of our department have already gone, and one more is due to be selected.

Yes folks - we are being "restructured", and are at present being invited to re-apply for our jobs - knowing that only five out of the six engineers will still be working as of the end of this month.


But enough of that (eeek!), and on with better news.

I've been looking through the game code over the last couple of weeks and once I've found out what is going on jobwise I'll get some more coding done.

I've also started going through the site and making sure that all the HTML and CSS validates correctly.  You'll see the W3C logo appearing on the pages as I get them updated.  Update:  All pages have been updated.

A donate button has been added, so yes, the begging bowl is out (or Tips Jar perhaps).  Feel free to donate as much (or as little) as you want.

Anyone donating £2 or more can have the source code to one of the games (let me know which one you want).


The more astute amongst you will have noticed a distinct lack of progress lately.


It's Summer!  Whoo!

That - added to a heavy workload at my "real life" job has meant that there is a lack of time to do everything - so work and family come first.  After all - if I don't take my kids to the beach who will?

Don't worry though - I'll put some time aside to build some extra levels into Chaos Caverns - and who knows - maybe the occasional review or two.


I've just spotted that the screenshots for Chaos Caverns are out of date.  I'll be uploading newer ones later on tonight (or sometime tomorrow).

Update: Current screenshots are online.


The update of Chaos Caverns should go online later on today.

Watch this space for details:

Update:  New version ready for download at the usual place.


An updated version of Chaos Caverns is available for download.  Featuring seven nine levels of Manic  Miner inspired goodness, various tweaks and new bits.  Screenshots page updated to show the new version.


The first version of Chaos Caverns is available for download.  Featuring seven levels of Manic Miner inspired goodness.  As usual - Windows and Linux binaries are available.


I'm on the home stretch as far as releasing the first version of Chaos Caverns goes.  I'm busy optimising the game code to get the minimum spec as low as possible.  Check the blog for full details.


I've updated the screenshots page to show images from the current version of Chaos Caverns and Arcadia.  Older screenshots have been moved into their own page.

Update: I've just found that the site doesn't quite display right on Internet Explorer (damn, damn, DAMN) so I've re-coded the pages and it should now display correctly on all major browsers (IE, FireFox and Safari).

This is what happens when you do all of your web browsing in Konqueror ;-)


Coming soon: Chaos Caverns.  A platform game in a similar style to Manic Miner.  Check the work blog for more info.

Update:  Screenshots added.
Update 2:  Fixed the link on the downloads page to point to the current version of Arcadia.


The Test 3 archive has been updated to include the Windows version.  Enjoy.


Test 3 (Linux version only) is now sitting in the downloads section.  The Windows version should be added to the archive tomorrow.


OK, so I've updated parts of the site (again).  I've started adding some content into the "current projects" section.  Not much to see yet but 'tis getting there.


Welcome to the new site!

I've separated the news from the old site between this page and the Work Blog.  This will allow me to go into more detail without people having to wade through too much waffle on the front page.

Arcadia Test 2 has been updated to include the Linux binary.


Arcadia Test 2 (Windows) added to downloads section.


Arcadia Test 1 (Windows and Linux versions) added to downloads section.


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