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Batty Junior
Batty Junior
Chaos Caverns
Chaos Caverns


The long awaited update to RetroVaders for Windows is now available for download. 1.35 brings fixes that should make the game playable on Windows 7 / Vista. MSI installer package available on the downloads page.


Announcing "Chaos Caverns 2".  Follow the games progress at the development diary on my blog, or via FaceBook.


Batty Junior 0.59 is now available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.


I'm holding off making another release of Batty Junior until the game is a little further along (I want to get either the gravity warp or one of the multi-player modes working first).

BUT. . .

If you do want to play the current version of the game then go here and follow the links for the 0.59 pre-release Windows / Linux version.  Just remember that the game is still being developed and some things are still being tweaked.

Update: The beta has been updated to include the two player alternating mode.

Update 2: As the beta has been successfully tested I've changed the download links to point to it.  Currently only Windows and Linux have been updated, MacOS X to follow.


The countdown has started for the next release of Batty Junior.  I've made some more bug-fixes, added some more polish and what is hopefully a completely unique power-up (sort of. . .).  I'm in the process of testing the game before releasing it.  I'm expecting to release the game next weekend (all being even).


Things are still moving forwards for the next release of Batty Junior.  I've still got another five levels to design before I'll start thinking about letting it loose The level count is now up to 29 (from the original 15).  I've also hacked the code around a bit which has resulted in some very nice speed-ups.

In other news: KrazyPengwin has made a rather nice version of the old classic Mr Wimpy - a game I've always been rather fond of.  The game is available from his development blog for Windows and MacOS X.  So why am I mentioning this?  Well, I've recompiled the game for Linux and that will be shortly be available from his site too.


Work on the updated Batty Junior is progressing well.  I've fixed a long-standing bug whereby the gun power-up could destroy the indestructible blocks, and have added in a feature that had been planned for quite a while - multiple routes through the game.  Once you've cleared a level, taking the left exit takes you to an easier version of the level (usually. . .).


Hello, and welcome to Dan's Remakes.  Regular visitors may have noticed the near total lack of activity on the site recently.  Why?  Quite simply the arrival of baby #3 has meant that time for programming has been scarce to say the least.

Does that mean that the site is dead?  No.  I'm going to have to get things going again on a few fronts.  First I've got some work left to do on some of the existing games, Batty Junior especially.  Second, the website is in need of an overhaul (fix broken links and so forth).

To get the ball rolling, a new version of Batty Junior will be coming soon.  I've already added in one of the most requested features (high score saving) and am looking through to see what other improvements I can add before pushing it out the door.

I've also got an updated version of Chaos Caverns sitting here, again I'll be looking to polish some rough edges before releasing it.

Finally, if you have enjoyed playing my games and are on Facebook then why not become a fan of Dan's Remakes?


RetroVaders 1.33 for Linux is available for download, Windows and MacOS versions to follow.


RetroVaders goes GPL.

Yes folks, you heard it right.  RetroVaders has been relicensed as GPL v2 and the sourcecode is now available for download at the usual place.

The version of the code available for download is the currently unreleased version 1.33.  This includes code cleanups and a couple of bug fixes.  The "volumes" BlitxMax module (download it here) is also required to compile the game.


Update time #3

RetroVaders has been updated to 1.32.  This adds the separate parameters for OpenGL and DirectX, a nice installer, and configuration files saved into the home directory / user profile.

Now for something a bit meatier.  Batty Junior has moved on to Demo 2, and, as well as having the above updates, has been upgraded with 15 (count-em!) levels, updated graphics, more sound and various other tweaks.


Update time #2

Arcadia has been updated to 0.4.  This brings a couple of changes from the last one, such as separate DirectX and OpenGL modes for Windows, a greatly reduced file size, separate downloads for Windows, Linux and MacOS, a proper installer for Windows and various bugfixes (such as deadzone support for analogue joypads, fixes to the sound code and other code cleanups).

There's also an updated icon for the MacOS version.  ;-)


Update time.

RetroRoids has been updated to 1.21.  This is a maintenance release, but it adds some nice touches - such as saving the configuration files into the current users home directory / user profile. The Windows version now accepts parameters (/DX for DirectX mode, /GL for OpenGL) and is available as a Windows Installer (.MSI) package, with separate shortcuts for the DirectX and OpenGL modes.

I'll be updating the Windows versions of the games to incorporate the combined DirectX / OpenGL code (with parameters) and releasing them all as .MSI packages.

As promised (although later than originally intended) the MacOS X release of the Cavern Lander tech demo is now available.


We've just been awarded the "100% Clean" award for all my games by those nice people at Softpedia.  I'll be updating the site entries to reflect this.


I've uploaded a "tech demo" release of Cavern Lander for Linux and Windows.  This is just a sneak preview of something that eventually should become a full game.  Get it from here.

As a side note there will be a MacOS X version of the demo later, unfortunately I don't have access to a Mac right now to compile it.


I've made some (small) changes to RetroVaders, namely adding the joypad deadzone fix from RetroRoids, and changing the internal GFX and SFX formats to PNG and OGG.  This has reduced the filesize of the game quite dramatically (down from 1.9 meg to just over 800k for the Linux version).  Download it at the usual place.


We've been Stumbled!   So welcome to all of you from StumbledUpon.  If you want to get straight to the games then either click on the downloads link, or use the quick links above.

For those of you would like a quick intro to the games then:

Arcadia. - An 80s style shoot-em-up.  Destroy waves of baddies before the level timer runs out.
Batty Junior. - An updated breakout style game, with power-ups.  Similar to Arkanoid.
Chaos Caverns. - My tribute to Manic Miner.  A mix of original and all-new levels.
RetroRoids. - An updated version of Asteroids, with enhanced graphics, power ups and more.  Also contains an "Original" mode which is more like the arcade original.
RetroVaders. - Its Space Invaders.  What more needs to be said?  OK, it has multiple backdrops, sprite sets (including an Atari 26000 mode) and more.


Dan's Remakes February Update. First things first, RetroRoids has been updated to 1.20. This will probably be the final release of the game. It was partly a bugfix release, adding things like a joypad deadzone to allow XBox 360 controllers to work with the game, and partly a release to add the final "polish" to the game.

[read more]


RetroRoids has been updated to version1.20 for Linux, Windows and MacOS X.  This ads some tweaks - such as graphics driver switching for Windows (between DirectX and OpenGL), much smaller file size (down from 2.6 meg to just over 700k on Linux) and joypad deadzone added (which hopefully will make using an XBox 360 controller easier).


This is unexpected - but there is an update of Chaos Caverns!  OK, nothing to get too excited about, this version just adds a DirectX version of the game (for those of you having problems with the OpenGL one).  Many thanks to Karina for bug reports and beta testing the new version.


OK, so it wasn't ready last night, but now RetroRoids 1.10 for MacOS X is available for your downloading pleasure.


RetroRoids 1.10 (codename: RetroRoids Deluxe) is now available for Linux and Windows.  The MacOS version will be ready later on tonight.

So what's new I hear you ask?

[read more]


To GPL or not to GPL, that is the question that has been posed on the Linux Games Tome comments page for RetroRoids.

The request started off with a single comment posted a couple of hours after the game was first listed:

It’s proprietary — guess that’s why there are no comments.

Well, I decided to respond with a brief explanation of why I hadn't released the code.

[read more]


The MacOS version of RetroRoids is ready for download.  Sorry for the delay in getting it online, but seeing as I don't actually own a Mac it means me borrowing time on someone elses machine.


The downloads page has been updated with links for RetroRoids.


Here it is - RetroRoids, version 1.00.

Download for Windows
Download for Linux

I'll be updating the downloads page tomorrow (and getting the MacOS version ready for Monday).  More later!


Coming soon: another game!  Yes, a new remake is on the way.  This will initially be announced on the mailing list, so sign up if you want to be the first to get your hands on it (hint: it's another arcade machine remake).


Batty Junior - Demo 1 has been updated to Demo 1b.  This adds in difficulty levels and the missing "gun" power up.  Get it at the
downloads page.


We've moved!  Yes folks, we've upped sticks and headed over to Google's green and pleasant land!  Something to do with us nearly filling our 55meg of webspace at our old site.  Google Pages slightly larger 100meg should give us some breathing space for a bit.

Found some broken links?  Let us know.

Big Fat Warning time!  This is a beta version of Dan's Remakes site and isn't guaranteed to be complete.

Broken links are a certainty!

Please go to http://dans-remakes.sytes.net for the current version.


Batty Junior - Demo 1 is now available for download (again - from this page only at the moment) from the downloads page.

Most of the power-ups from the original are now in place (only the gun remains to be done).  The gravity distort is disabled in this demo - but will be there for the next one.

I've also started a Dan's Remakes mailing list, so if you want to be notified of my next update then please sign up (at the top of this page folks!).


Well, this about wraps things up for 2007.  I'd like to thank everyone who has downloaded my games this year, and to everyone who has left comments (via happypenguin or retro remakes).

Things have been going well on Batty Junior.  I'm not finished yet, but the single-player part is nearly done.  I'll be releasing an updated (non Christmas themed) demo soon (hopefully tomorrow but don't hold me to it).


Seeing as there have been quite a few MacOS users dropping by over the last few days I've managed to sneak onto a Mac and get the MacOS version of Batty Christmas compiled.

I'm going to have to sort out a proper download page for this, but in the meantime:

MacOS Version

Windows version

Linux version


Don't worry - MacOS X users aren't going to be left out in the cold this Christmas - there will be a port of Batty Christmas coming your way soon (hopefully Monday if all goes well).


Well, I was originally going to wait until all the main features were complete before releasing anything (at least all the single-player stuff), but I suddenly came over all seasonal and knocked together a Christmas themed demo of Batty Junior.  So here we have Batty Christmas!

Windows version

Linux version


Update time again folks!  Just to prove that Batty Junior isn't just hot air and screenshots you can click below to see a sneak preview of the game.

This was recorded earlier this week (as visitors to my blog may already know).  I've been busy re-writing a lot of the game code to make the brick ricochets work better (who'd have thought that something as simple as a ball bouncing off a brick would be so much trouble?) and to give the performance a bit of a boost.

I'll need the extra cpu time to add some nice eye-candy into the game (hopefully).


Hello peeps.  Just a quick update on Batty Junior.  Things are going rather well (albeit slowly).  The original levels have all been re-written, most of the bonus powers work, in fact, I'm probably about half done.

What still needs to be done?
  • The remainder of the power-ups (multi-ball, stretchy bat, kill all aliens, shooty thingy)
  • Aliens
  • Gravity thingy (you know the one)
So while there is still a bit to do - there's not too much really.


Most of the updates to the website are now complete, I'm hopefully going to get a little bit of spare time now to get on with Batty Junior.  That isn't to say that nothing has been done on it.  No siree Bob!  I've pretty much re-written the code, sampled some of the original sound effects, updated most of the graphics, added a loading screen, in fact it now feels much more like the original game.

There is still plenty to do, so I'm not announcing any release date for this - to quote the old cliche "it will be done when it is done".

There may be a demo release later this month if things move on quickly enough.


As Arcadia was the only game without a MacOS version, I've put together a quick port of it.  Just so the Mac users don't feel left out.


As promised, the MacOS port of RetroVaders has now been updated to version 1.30.  As an added bonus, the port of Chaos Caverns for MacOS has also been updated to the latest version.  Both are available from the usual place.


This week I'll be starting to update to the web site.  Some small changes have already been made, some major ones will be coming soon.

I'll also be putting up some more information on Batty Junior.

Batty Junior
Batty Junior - In progress


Happy Halloween.  Moving on from RetroVaders work has started on Batty Junior.  Wander over to the Developers Diary at RetroRemakes if you want to know more. . . . .


RetroVaders 1.30 is now available for Linux and Windows.  MacOS X version will follow.


Ten days on and I'm about ready to unleash RetroVaders 1.30.

RetroVaders 1.30
RetroVaders 1.30 - Coming Soon

Plenty of new features and a couple of bugfixes, expect it sometime soon.  The game has evolved into pretty much what RetroVaders Deluxe would have been so I'm not too sure if there is any point trying to make that now.

Changes from 1.20 to 1.30

Added joypad support.
New options Screen.
Game options saved to disk.
High score saved to disk.
Multiple backdrops (Invaders, Deluxe Invaders, Retrovaders, None).
Multiple invader sprite sets (Retrovaders, Classic, Atari 2600).
Number of bunkers selectable between none and four.
Number of invaders increased to 50.
UFO no longer appears if there are less than eight invaders on screen.
Invader drop speed tweaked to ensure that they always land at the same height (there was a slight variance depending on which row landed).


After further testing I've updated the Windows version of RetroVaders so that there are now TWO executables in the archive, one for OpenGL and one for DirectX.  If one doesn't work, try the other.  Rassen frassen Windows. . . . .


Here we are at RetroVaders 1.20.

Changes from 1.10 to 1.20

Resolution / Screen mode switching enabled for MacOS (PPC).
Windows version runs using DirectX instead of OpenGL.
Mystery UFO set to appear on 23rd shot, then every 14 shots after.
Mystery UFO bonus now between 50 and 300 points.
Game defaults to new Full Colour mode (can be disabled by pressing C).
Backdrop can be disabled (by pressing B).
New intro screen.

New screenshots will be available sometime tomorrow.  In the meantime head on over to the
downloads section for the game.


I wasn't going to do another RetroVaders release, but a feature was suggested that I really thought should go in, which is the bonus UFO frequency.  In the original game the bonus UFO appears on the 23rd shot, and destroying it on the 24th give you the maximum bonus.  The UFO appears every 14th shot after that, shooting it on the 15th gives the maximum bonus (unless you've missed the maximum bonus pattern earlier, in which case you get the regular 50-300 bonus).

The game also displays the bonus score when the UFO is shot (which I'd forgotten to add too).

You now only get the one bonus life at 1500 points (again, matching the original).


I've added the fixes to RetroVaders that should allow it to run correctly.  Unfortunately I won't get chance to test that until tonight, but in the meantime I've compiled and uploaded the Windows and Linux versions of RetroVaders to 1.10.

Changes from 1.00 to 1.10

Set graphics driver to OpenGL to enable screen mode switching.
Set default resolution to 640x480.
Changed base shooting style from autofire to single fire (matches original game).
Reduced frequency of UFO appearance from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 10000.
Changed score display to match original game.
Slightly reduced the drop speed of the invaders to give players a bit more of a chance.

Windows, Linux and MacOS X binaries are
now available.

A beta version of Chaos Caverns (1.000) for MacOS X has also been added.  I'll be updating the Mac version when I release the next Chaos Caverns update.


I've compiled a test version of RetroVaders for MacOS X.  There are a couple of minor issues with it (no screen mode switching, game display only fills a quarter of the screen) but, well, it's a start.  Head on over to the
downloads page if you want to give it a try.


Downloads coming soon.  Watch this space.

Downloads for RetroVaders are now available from the usual place.


Announcing: RetroVaders.


Yes folks, the new release from Dan's Remakes is my tribute to Space Invaders - RetroVaders.  The initial release will be for Linux and Windows - with MacOS following if there is any demand for it.

I'm currently doing the final bug hunt ready for the games release on Saturday.

Head on over to
Half a page of scribbled lines for more info and screenshots.


Well, it looks like I'll be releasing the new game soon.  It's 98% complete so providing everything goes according to plan with the final 2% then I'll be looking towards this weekend for the initial release.  Keep an eye on
Half a page of scribbled lines for updates (and maybe a screenshot too).


Wow!  October already?  Where did this year go to?  Well, we're not dead (yet).  In fact, I'm working towards a couple of things (in no particular order):

1) An update to Chaos Caverns.  Some new levels have been sitting on the shelf for a while now and really should be let loose.
2) An entirely new remake - which is well on the way to being completed.  Hint - Retro Gamer ran a feature on it recently.
3) Probably another remake (I've got a couple in mind)

When will the new game be released I hear you ask?  Well, probably some time in the next week or two.  I'm aiming for this weekend, but no promises as I want to add some extra stuff in before I let it loose.

You can also find me at my other blog at Half a page of scribbled lines.


'Ello peeps.  Hope you're all enjoying the Summer season.  Although things have been a bit quiet on the coding front (busy at work) I'm (hopefully) going to be able to get some things done.

In other news - we've just received a new toy - the PlayPal.

Read on for the full review.

[read more]


Has it really been over a month since the last update?  I'll be doing a bit more coding this month now that things have calmed down a touch.  I'm going to switch on to a side project (of which I've got two on the drawing board) for a bit which will be hosted here.  While it's not strictly speaking a remake it is most certainly retro - more on that later this month.  I've got a proof-of-concept framework here so I know how the game should look and play - most of the fun is going to be in doing the graphics.


Well, we are (finally) free of builders, decorators and insurance types (but have STILL got to deal with a damn surveyor later on this week).  Still - at least now I can get access to my computer again.

I've also managed to dip into the old retro haul and have a go at one of my favourite systems - the much maligned Sega 32X.  Yes folks - Sega's Magic Mushroom.

[read more]


It looks like there is a problem with the files at files-upload.com as all my files hosted there have vanished.  Sorry to anyone who's tried to download from there.  I'm hosting the files myself again for now while I look for a more reliable mirror site.


As some of you may have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of activity on the site since version 1.200 was released a couple of weeks ago.

At the moment I'm in the middle a lot of things - not lease having the builders and decorators around to replace the ceiling and redecorate our dining room - which unfortunately is where my PC is. This means that I've not had a lot of access to the PC lately, and this situation is likely to continue for the next week or two.

I'll still be checking my e-mail but don't be surprised if things stay quiet.

[read more]


The Windows version of Chaos Caverns now has a second mirror courtesy of those very nice people at www.strategyinformer.com (thanks Jamie!).


As promised, both Chaos Caverns and Arcadia have new releases available for download.  Only mirror 1 is live at the moment - I'll add a second mirror site later on.  I'll be updating the screenshots page at some point this weekend.


I'm planning to release Chaos Caverns V1.200 some time on Saturday (and the bugfix release of Arcadia too).  Stay tuned folks!


The "Featured Screenshot" has been changed to one from the forthcoming release  This is pretty close to what level 11 "Monty's Store Room #1" will end up like.


It looks like people prefer using files-upload so I've made that the main mirror site for my files.  You can go direct to all my downloads there at http://dansremakes.files-upload.com.  If you are interested in the current progress of Chaos Caverns, don't forget to check out the Work Blog.


Things are starting to quiet down a bit again after the recent rush.  I've added in a second mirror courtesy of files-upload.com.  Just as well seeing as ShareBigFile.com was offline for a bit today.

Apparently Chaos Caverns has also been listed on LinuxLinks.  So a big thank-you to whoever submitted it.  Spread the word. . . . .


Welcome to the first post of the New Year, and welcome to those of you who have found your way here via the review at root.cz.  I've absolutely no idea what the review says, but it certainly looks nice.  If anyone cares to send me an English translation of the review I would certainly be most grateful. . . . .

I may have to look at adding support for multiple languages into the game.  If you would like to volunteer to translate the game into your native language then please get in touch.

If I am going to do that then I'll also release the source code at the same time (probably under the GPL license).  Just remember that you will need BlitzMax to be able to compile the game.

Direct all comments and queries (in English if possible) to dans(dot)remakes(at)googlemail.com.

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