After starting to program this game in the Summer of 2003, it's now finally completed. This remake is a trubute to the Jet Set Willy games that were released some twenty-odd years ago, it features enhanced graphics and sound but all the gameplay remains the same as the original. I first released a remake of this game a few years ago as a DOS program using DIV Games Studio, but this time it has been programmed using Blitz Basic.

The original Jet Set Willy II was written by
Derrick P. Rowson, but the game itself was a follow up to Matthew Smith's Jet Set Willy for the Spectrum. This remake was programmed by myself (Dan Richardson). Most of the graphics and all the music were very kindly donated to me by Andy Noble who was responsible for the original Jet Set Willy PC remake. Credit also goes to Matt Simmonds for the excellent music he written for Andy's remake. There were some tunes that didn't get used for JSWPC that will feature in this remake.
August 2005
Version 1.02 of Jet Set Willy II is now available to download. Updates include an ending sequence and bug fixes. Look to the right and you will find the link.

July 2005
Have been really busy of late and not had the time to update Jet Set Willy II, however, I've uploaded the Spectrum port of JSWII for the PC. It's essentially the same game but with all the graphics and sound of the ZX Spectrum version.

I've also uploaded the level editor too although it's still only a test version, you can still change much of the game layout to make you're own game. It's easy to use and is pretty self explanetory.
This is the updated PC version with enhanced graphics and sound. Please note that this version has been known to crash with Windows 98SE, this is based on some feedback I've got from some poeple who have tested it on their PC. I don't know why this is happening but I will try and get to the bottom of it.
This version is exactly the same as the ZX Spectrum version.
This is the Screen Editor used to create the remake. Many of the games features can be changed and has hidden features such as the Crumbling Blocks (from Manic Miner).
Note:  This is still a beta version and is incomplete but it was used to create the remake and is possible to create you're own games using this editor. To use it, simply extract the file into the same directory as the game itself. It works fine with either the Windows Edition or the Original Port.
(c)2006 Dan Richardson