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These are some programs that I wrote for my own use but which may be useful to others.

The Windows PDA/Windows Mobile programs were written in Basic4PPC, probably the easiest way of doing it The downloads were created with the software builder software which is also available from the Basic4PPC web site, which is why there are only two types of .cab file. If anybody wants any others then please point me at some free software which I can use on the Basic4PPC executables in the same as the software builder, i.e. so easy a demented gibbon could do it!

All of those programs have HTML Help. However, as each display is used fairly independently it is not organised as a tree, rather that it is context sensitive, so you go directly to the help for the current display.

Some of the Windows gadgets are far too trivial for help files! The Crossword gadgets however, have old fashioned .hlp files. But Nickel Odeon has built in help in the form of pop up message boxes (I started it a long time ago when that seemed an easy solution).  The gadgets are Turbo Delphi 2006. Nickel Odeon is in Delphi 6 because it uses a third party freeware VB dll which Turbo won't import!  The Train Ticket Suite though is in Basic4PPC as it started life as a mobile app!

The crosswords are in Across Lite format.

If you need to know the rules of card games then go to Card Games.  The site covers pretty much any game you can think of!

Windows PDA/Mobile
Title Description Setup Download Manual Install Downloads
(For Win7 (and others?) right click and select "Save Target As" to avoid MIME download problem)
Shopping V1.0 These sort of programs always want to you to manage life, the universe and everything. What I wanted was just a shopping list! So that is what this is. The only luxury I wanted was a master list to save on typing, so there is one! ShoppingSetup.exe



Shopping2 V1.0 A friend said she would like to have categories of items to buy, so this is the same as above but with a single level of categories. Shopping2Setup.exe



Betting V1.8 This is a set of 6 (mainly) useful gadgets. A couple are specifically targeted at the dogs. BettingSetup.exe



Train Tickets Withdrawn : replaced with Windows App N/A N/A
Medicine Reminder V1.7 Are you like me and have to take lots of pills etc? Well here is an easy way of remembering when to take them.

Note: It hasn't proved possible to get some devices to wake up from standby. I've tried. Any tips welcome.



Elevens V1.0
Yes, the kiddies solitaire. Why? Because I got bored with the fiddly little cards in other solitaires! If anyone has ideas for other games which can use cards this size then please get in touch.
Thirteens V1.3
Another big cards solitaire, but trickier! Also known as Five Piles and Baroness. Includes known variations that make it a) playable; b) more of an intellectual challenge!
Red Dog V1.3
A just for fun cards gambling game not often available on mobiles.
Punto 2000 V1.0
Also known as Super 6, this is a variety of MiniBaccarat/Punto Banco that is not often found online
Punto 2000_PPC.ARM.CAB
Punto 2000_PPC.ARMV4.CAB
Starting Hands V1.0 Texas Hold'em : So you know that AA has an 85.3% chance of winning? But did you know that first to speak on a 10 player table it is only 31.1%? No? Then you need this handy gadget! StartingHandsSetup.exe
Starting Hands_PPC.ARM.CAB
Starting Hands_PPC.ARMV4.CAB
Windows 7 and XP (and maybe others)
Title Description Setup Download
Blackjack Switch Calculator V1.1 BJ Switch is a variant of BJ you find at some on-line casinos. You are allowed to switch a card between the 2 hands you play. But should you? This gadget tells you. SetupBJSCalculator.exe
Pai Gow Strategy V1.1 A simple gadget to help you play this popular casino game. It is based on the "Pai Gow Simple Strategy" by the Wizard of Odds PGS Setup.exe
Force Favicon V1.1 Some html editors are pretty basic and only allow constructs that they understand. One problem I had was forcing the HTML to reference my Favicon (that's the site's icon, for the less geeky of you). So I wrote this gadget to scan all .htm files in a given directory and add the appropriate line of HTML. Naturally, it is the last thing you do after editting and before publishing. SetupForceFavicon.exe
Simple Calendar V1.1 I got bored having to open some app I didn't want to open just so that I could look up a date on a calendar. So this is simply a standard month by month calendar and absolutely nothing else. (The new MS gadget replaces the need for this). The setup for this one includes the option to add this to your Start Up menu, you may want to take that. SetupSimpleCalendar.exe
Sound Effect Player V1.1 Another thing I got bored with was wanting to check out a load of sound files (for game design for example) and constantly having to go through File, then Open, then the file dialog, then having to play it. So this gadget permanently displays a file picker dialog and shows mp3 and/or wav files. Not all mp3s play, but I'm just using a standard encapsulation of Media Player, so there is nothing I can do about that. If you want to try any other formats you can, but if it doesn't work, don't tell me about it for the same reason. SetupSoundEffectPlayer.exe
XWORD_IDE V1.0 See Cryptic Crosswords XWORD_IDE Setup.exe
XWORDPictures V1.0 See Cryptic Crosswords XWORDPictures Setup.exe
Nickel Odeon V1.2 There were some on-line casino games which were, or are rarities. I wanted a fun only implementation of these. The games are Trente-et-Quarante, UK Blackjack (pre-2007 rules) and Pontoon (closer to back street rules than casinos offer!). I also invented (lord help us) Casino 7 Card Brag, a sort of cross between 7 Card and Pai Gow Poker. I found the rules for UK BJ to be not entirely clear on some points, so feed back would be welcome SetupNickelOdeon.exe
Nap V1.2 Nobody else seems to have done it, so here is the traditional English card game of Nap. SetupNap.exe
WinBetting V1.8 Same as the mobile program Betting. I eventually decided others may want it as I use it! SetupWinBetting.exe
Train Tickets Suite V1.0 A complete suit of tools for setting prices, recording sales and till contents and end of day balancing. Train Tickets Suite Setup.exe
Title Description Setup Download
Bunkword 0001 (but unpublished) See Cryptic Crosswords Bunkword 0001.puz
Reductio Ad Absurdum for References See Cryptic Crosswords Reductio Ad Absurdum for References.puz