Racing Dog's Kennel

Weeell, here you are expecting a professional web-site and all you get is an apparently arbitrary collection of topics! Sorry about that, but these are the things that have interested me over the years. There are many many more things than are on view here, I am merely lacking that traditional device known as a "Round Tuit" (available from all low quality gift shops!).

Imay keep this site up to date, I may expand it, I may just get bored. Who can say? But now I have added the Message Board, I shall use that to indicate further changes to the site and the freeware.

Enjoy what is here.

Pic of me
That's me in 2006 btw. Those aren't shades, they are light sensitive glasses. (See myeloma page for latest pic)
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P.S. Racing Dog was formerly my CB Handle, and latterly my main On-line Poker screen name. And I suppose, at the risk of darkening the tone, I should talk about Multiple Myeloma as I have it now.