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Dream of Life (LP sleeve design + text) 20"x30" Black & silver on white (Arista promo)

People Have the Power (Text) 40"x60" (large flyposter) Black on white (Arista promo)

Because the Night (UK sleeve design) 20"x30" Full colour (Arista promo)

24"x36" Patti singing, waist up, check waistcoat. Full colour (1978 Big O Poster B219)

24"x36" Playing guitar, waist up, wearing Johnny Rotten & City Slang badges. (1979 Pace P3203)

20"x30" Patti on stage 1978, Silk-screened CMYK on white card, badly creased (X3 Ltd Ed No. 172)


7” Singles

Hey Joe/Piss Factory (1974 Mer Mono 601) 2701 Zion scratched in run out grooves

Gloria/My Generation (1976 UK Demo copy Arista 47)

Gloria/My Generation (1976 UK in American Arista bag 47)

Hey Joe/Piss Factory (1977 Italian Pic.sl. Sire SAA740) Sleeve different to UK & US

Hey Joe/Piss Factory (1977 UK Pic.sl. Sire Stereo 6078614)

Because the Night/God Speed (1978 UK Pic.sl. Arista 181) Embossed disc/label

Because the Night/God Speed (1978 UK jbc Arista 181)

Because the Night/God Speed (1978 UK Pic.sl. Arista 181) White paper label

Because the Night/God Speed (1978 Italian Pic.sl. Arista 3C00660563)

Because the Night/God Speed (1978 Belgian Pic.sl. Arista 4C00660563)

Because the Night/God Speed (1978 American Pic.sl. Arista (as0318)

Because the Night/God Speed (1978 German Pic.sl. Arista 1C00660563)

Because the Night mono/stereo (1978 American Promo jbc. Arista AS0318)

Privilege (Set Me Free)/Ask the Angels (1978 English Pic.sl. Arista 1978

Privilege (Set Me Free)/25th Floor (live Paris Easter Sunday 1978) (1978 French Pic.sl. Arista 2C00861832

Frederick/Fire of Unknown Origin (1979 German Pic.sl. 1C00662779)

Frederick/Fire of Unknown Origin (1979 French Pic.sl. 2C00662779)

Frederick/Fire of Unknown Origin (1979 Belgium Pic.sl. 4C00662779)

Frederick/Fire of Unknown Origin (1979 English Pic.sl. Arista 264)

Frederick mono/stereo (1979 jbc Promo copy Arista AS0427) In blue Arista bag

Because the Night/Gloria (1984 English Old Gold OG9458)

Link Cromwell (Lenny Kaye): Crazy Like a Fox/Shock Me (1977 American Pic.sl. Ork 81981)

Lenny Kaye: Child Bride/Tracks of My Tears (live) (1980 American Pic.sl. Mer 604)


12” Promo Single

Frederick/Frederick (live in New York 23.5.79) (1979 American Pic.sticker on white card disco bag sleeve. 33rpm SP62)


Vinyl LP’s

Horses (1975 German Arista 1C06297237) Autographed “god/speed + patti smith refm Gloria, Redondo Beach, Birdland, Free Money, Kimberly, Break it Up, Land, Elegie. Min Bid

Horses (1975 American Arista AL4066) This one has the title in black print

Horses (1975 English/American Arista Stickered ARTY122) The LP was originally imported for the UK market.

Radio Ethiopia (1976 English Arista SPARTY1001) With gatefold inner sheet. Ask the Angels, Ain’t it Strange, Poppies, Pissing in a River, Pumping (My Heart), Distant Fingers, Radio Ethiopia, Abyssinia

Radio Ethiopia (1976 English Arista SPARTY1001) With gatefold inner sheet. Misprinted silver way out of register. See CD listing for tracklist

Easter (1978 English Arista SPART1043) With gatefold inner sheet. Autographed “patti smith refm”. Till Victory, Space Monkey, Because the Night, Ghost dance, Babelogue, Rock n Roll Nigger, Privilege (set Me Free), We Three, 25th Floor, High on Rebellion, Easter.

Easter (1979 French Picture disc Arista PIC 5) Enlargement of normal cover on front of disc (just head and hands) with same pic on back as on back cover of standard issue. The disc is in a card sleeve with the front cut out and the back the same as standard one

Wave (1979 Greek blue vinyl 14C062 62516) Includes gatefold inner sheet. Frederick, Dancing Barefoot, Citizen Ship, Hymn, Revenge, So You Want To Be (A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star), Seven Ways of Going, Broken Flag, Wave

Wave (1979 English SPART1086) Includes gatefold inner sheet

Wave (1979 German Arista 1c06462516) Sleeve only – different colour to UK issue – purple instead of blue.

Peace and Noise (1997 American Arista 078221898614) Inner sleeve. Limited edition.

Todd Rundgren Radio Sampler of songs from “Back to the Bars” plus on side two “A Conversation with Patti Smith” (14.50) (1979 Bearsville promo LP PRO A 788) Printed white sleeve.

Live at the Bottom Line (1975 LP Free Flight 50.153Y) We genna a real good time together, Set me free, Spunky, Redondo Beach, Free Money, Blue Eyes – Loie Louie, Mafia (originally recorded by reggae boys Snotty and Wally), Birdland, Horses-Gloria, Time is on my Side, My Generation (John Cale, RS, LK, IK, JDD)

Teenage Perversity & Ships in the Night (1976 LP Ze Anonym Plattenspieler ZAP7854) Real Good Time Together, Watching the Breeze (Set Free), Strained on Strange (Aint it Strange), Kimberly, Redondo Beach, Sort of Lovie Lovie (Louie Louie), The Smooth Stone Beyond (Pumping), (Birdland), Radio Ethiopia, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, My Generation

Patti Smith - untitled issue same as Teenage Perversity (1976 LP Fantasy Discos F7854 Label reads Berkeley Records) Produced by Luis Martinez.

In Heat (1976 LP Flat Records 8240) We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together, Kimberly, Redondo Beach, Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie, My Generation. Recorded in Washington D.C. plus the “Hey Joe”/”Piss Factory” single. (PS, LK, IK, RS, JDD.)

Hard Nipples (also known as Turn it Up) (1976 The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label TAKRL903) Real Good Time Together, Gessipi Verde, This Heart of Mine (by John Cale), Strained on Strange (Aint it Strange), Free Money, Pale Blue Eyes, Louie Louie, Smooth Stone Beyond (Birdland & Gloria), My Generation

Paris 78 (1978 LP Inverted Pyramid Records 774) Allied Productions Live in Paris: Ask the Angels, 25th Floor, High on Rebellion, Till Victory, Set Me Free, Because the Night, Gloria, Mike Douglas Show: Ask the Angels, I Was Working Real Hard, Keith Richard’s Blues, Today Show: I Was Working Real Hard (Reprise)

You Light Up My Life (1978 LP Artista PSG44 (0798) Live at the Santa Monica Civic Center 12th May 1978 The Kids Are Alright, Be My Baby, Time is on My Side, It’s So Hard, You Light Up My Life, My Generation, Rock n Roll Nigger, Till Victory, Space Monkey, 25th Floor, Because the Night

To The Ones She Loves (1979 Double LP Psychic Reaction BOND007) Radio Broadcast Live in Philadelphia 1978 Set Me Free, Till Victory, Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Citizen Ship, Redondo Beach, Hang on to Tomorrow, Jailhouse Rock, 25th Floor, 5-4-3-2-1, Be My Baby, Dancing Barefoot, Because the Night, Frederick, Kimberly, Jesus Loves Me, Gloria, Pumping, My Generation



People Have the Power Album version/edit (1988 CD Promotional single Arista ASCD9689)

Dream of Life (1988 Arista 259172) Original issue. People have the Power, Going Under, Up There Down there, Paths That Cross, Dream of Life, Where Duty Calls, Looking for You (I Was), The Jackson Song (NB 1996 remastered version includes a bonus tracks; Wild Leaves & As the Night Goes By

I Never Talked to Bob Dylan (1977 Stoned Records 002) Recorded at the Concerthouse in Stockholm 3rd October 1976

Once Again (1996 PS1896) Hamburg Markethalle 1st August 1996 Wing, People Have the Power, Dancing Barefoot, Summer Cannibals, Wicked Messenger, Ghost Dance, Redondo Beach, Crystal Ship, When Doves Cry, Wild Leaves, Poem: People Have the Power, Gone Again, Because the Night, Set Me Free, Till Victory (last two from Philadelphia 1978)

Because the Night/Gloria/Redondo Beach/Ask the Angels/Space Monkey/Dancing Barefoot (1988 Arista promotional CD ASCD9683)

Summer Cannibals (Arista PATTI 1 promo CD)

The following five CD’s are the 1996 remastered versions – all come with extra tracks and updated and extra artwork.


Radio Ethiopia



Dream of Life

Other Artists, extracurricular stuff etc.

Blue Oyster Cult: Secret Treaties (1974 LP CBS 80103) Includes “Career of Evil” co-written by Patti Smith and Blue Oyster Cult (4.05)

Derringer: If I Weren’t So Romantic I’d Shoot You (1978 LP CBS/Blue Sky 82464) Inner sheet. One song “Sleepless” with lyrics written by Patti.

Blue Oyster Cult: Fire of Unknown Origin (1981 LP CBS 85137) Title track written by Patti Smith and Albert Bouchard (3.54)

Elliott Murphy: Night Lights (1976 LP RCA APL11318) Includes “Lady Stilletto” – a song about Patti. Others performers include Billy Joel, Randy Brecker & Andy Paley

Paul Jones sings songs from the film Privilege: Privilege, Free Me, (My Poor Heart is Surely) Breaking, I’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy (1967 7” EP Pic.sl. His Masters Voice 7EG 8975)

The Scott Morgan Band: Rock Action (199? LP Revenge Records MIG10) Inner sleeve. Includes Gary Rasmussen who played bass on Patti’s “Dream of Life” LP.

Sonics Rendezvous Band: Strikes Like Lightening (1988 LP Black Adder SONIC5) Recorded live in the Midwestern United States during 1978 & 1979 The group name is a replica written in Patti’s hand on the cover

Sandie Shaw: Frederick (1986 12” Polydor POSPX811) Includes extended version of “Frederick”

Edgar Winter’s White Trash (1971 LP Epic64398) Patti’s first appearance on an LP – the back cover has a poem about Edgar Winter’s White Trash printed on it! (bit tatty)

Tapper Zukie: Viego/Archie, The Rednose Reindeer (1978 7” Pic.Sl. MER/Rough Trade 602) Patti Smith/Lenny Kaye label, Mapplethorpe photo

Tapper Zukie: Man Ah Warrior (1977 LP MER 101) Patti Smith/Lenny Kaye label, Robert Mapplethorpe cover photo



Ray Manzarek: The Whole thing Started with Rock’n’Roll Now it’s Out of Control (1974 LP Mercury SRM11014) Patti Smith recites the poem “I Wake Up Screaming” from The New Creatures by James Douglas (Jim) Morrison.

Blue Oyster Cult: Agents of Fortune (1976 LP CBS 81385) Patti vocals on “The Revenge of Vera Gemini”

John Cale: Animal Justice EP (1977 12” Illegal Records IL003) Patti Smith vocals on “Chicken Shit”, Memphis, Hedda Gabbler.

Ron Asheton “Destroy all Monsters”/Sonic’s Rendezvous Band (199? LP Fun Records/Revenge Records MIG3 EV101)Inner sleeve with pictures of Ron Asheton & Niagara from the group Destroy All Monsters. One side of the disc is Ron Asheton (including Destroy All Monsters) & the other side is Sonic’s rendezvous Band doing “City Slang” & “Sweet Nuthin’” (the two from the Orchidee single recorded in October 1978 and released in November 1978) plus “Dangerous” and “Alright with Me” recorded live 18th February 1977. Some reports have Patti Smith appearing on “City Slang”

Bob Neuwirth: Look Up (1996 CD Watermelon WMCD1050) Patti Smith sings on “Just Like You”


Giorno Poetry Systems Records

Sugar, Alcohol & Meat The Dial-A-Poem Poets (1980 Double LP Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 012-013) Patti recites “Parade” recorded live at St Marks Church, New York. 1st January 1975 6.07 mins. Among the many other performers on the set are: William Burroughs, John Cage, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Anne Waldman, Kathy Acker and Laurie Anderson.. Thick cardboard gatefold sleeve.

You’re a Hook The 15 Year Anniversary of Dial-A-Poem (1968 –1983) (1983 LP Giorno Poetry Systems GPS030, inner sleeve) Patti Smith “Seven Ways of Going” from “The Histories of the World” recorded live at St Marks Church, New York. 1st January 1975, and “Fire of Unknown Origin” from Nova Convention, New York on 2nd December 1978 with Lenny Kaye on guitar. (6.14), Lenny Kaye (the Patti Smith Group with Lenny on lead vocals and Patti as emcee) “No Jestering” recorded at The Place, Eugene, Oregan 9th May 1978. Other performers; John Giorno, William S. Burroughs, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Jim Carroll, Frank Zappa and Allen Ginsberg.


Various artists compilations including recordings unavailable elsewhere.

Ain’t Nothing But a She Thing: Salt’n’Pepa, Annie Lennox, Luscious Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, Andi Oliver, Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Come, Patti Smith singing Nina Simone's “Don’t Smoke in Bed”, Sinead O'Connor (1995 CD London 4228286742)

A Very Special Christmas 3: Sting, The Smashing Pumkins, Natalie Merchant, Rev Run & The Christmas All Stars, No Doubt, Sheryl Crow, Blues Traveller, Enya, Hootie & the Blowfish, Chris Cornell with Eleven, Mary J Blige with Angie Martinez, Jonny Lang, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Steve Winwood, Tracy Chapman, Patti Smith: “We Three Kings”* (1997 CD A&M 5407642) UK

A Very Special Christmas 3 as above but American issue (1997 CD A&M 3145407642)

The Bridge School Concerts: Neil Young, Tom Petty, Tracy Chapman, Pretenders with The Duke String Quartet, Beck, Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley, Ministry, Simon & Garfunkel, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Lovemongers, Nils Lofgren, Elvis Costello, Patti Smith: “People Have the Power” (live 1996) (1997 CD Reprise 9362468242)

Music from and inspired by the motion picture Dead Man Walking: Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Suzanne Vega, Lyle Lovett, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Eddie Vedder, Tom Waits, Michelle Shocked, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Steve Earle, Patti Smith: “Walkin’ Blind”. (1995 CD Columbia 4835342)

Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness (a spoken word tribute with music): Morphine, Lydia Lunch, Michael Stipe, Steven Tyler, Hunter S Thompson, Maggie Estep & The Spitters, Richard Lewis, Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Helium, Jack Kerouac & Joe Strummer, Allen Ginsberg, Eddie Vedder Campbell 2000 & Sadie 7, William Burroughs & tomandandy, Juliana Hatfield, John Cale, Johnny Depp & Come, Robert Hunter, Lee Ranaldo & Dana Colley, Anna Domino, Rob Buck & Danny Chauvin as Hitchhiker, Patti Smith with Thurston Moore & Lenny Kaye: “The Last Hotel”*, Warren Zevon & Michael Wolff, Jim Carroll with Lee Ranaldo Lenny Kaye & Anton Sanco, Matt Dillon with Joey Altruda Joe Gonzalez & Pablo Calogero, Inger Lorre & Jeff Buckley, Eric Anderson (1997 CD Rykodisc RCD10329)

KCRW Rare on Air Live performances, volume 3: Cowboy Junkies, Patti Smith: “Dancing Barefoot”*, Remy Zero, Fiona Apple, Booth & The Bad Angel, Ben Folds Five, Guided by Voices, Stereolab, Tindersticks, Luna, Me’Shell Ndegeocello, The Wallflowers, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, James Taylor with Don Grolnick (1997 CD Mammoth MR01622)

No Alternative: Matthew Sweet, Buffalo Tom, Soul Asylum, Urge Overkill, American Music Club, Goo Goo Girls, Pavement, Smashing Pumkins, Bob Mould, Sarah McLachlan, Soundgarden, Straitjacket Fits, Barbara Manning, The Verlaines, Uncle Tupelo, Beastie Boys, The Breeders, Patti Smith: “Memorial Tribute”* (Live at Summerstage, Central Park, N.Y. on 8th July 1993 (1993 CD Arista 07822187372)

Tibetan Freedom Concert: Monks, Ben Harper, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Yungchen Lhamo, Patti Smith: “About a Boy” 7th June 1997, Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest, U2, Noel Gallagher, Sonic Youth, Porno for Pyros, Nawang Khechog, Foo Fighters, KRS-1, Biz Markie, Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pavement, Dadon, Lee Perry featuring Mad Professor & Robotiks Band, Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band, Blur, Michael Stipe & Mike Mills, Chaksam-pa, Alanis Morissette, Bjork, Rancid, Beastie Boys, Cibo Matto, De La Soul, The Fugees, Rage Against the Machine (1997 Triple CD Grand Royal/Capitol 724385911026)

Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Until the End of the World (A film by William Wenders): Graeme Revell, Talking Heads, Julee Cruise, Neneh Cherry, Crime & the City Solution, Lou Reed, Can, R.E.M., Elvis Costello, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Patti Smith & Fred Smith: “It Takes Time”, Depeche Mode, Jane Siberry with k.d.lang, T-Bone Burnett, Daniel Lanois, U2 (1991 CD Warner Brothers 759926707)


Patti Smith Wants List (main needs highlighted)


CD & vinyl Needs

Outside the Seven to Eleven Store 7” vinyl EP includes alternative studio version of “Because the Night” and a Bruce Springsteen version

So You Want To Be (A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star) Japanese 7” picture sleeve

“Hold”, written by Patti Smith performed by Rick Derringer on his LP “All American Boy”

Single sided picture disc of Wave cover.

Gone Again (Arista vinyl issue)

Lenny Kaye: I’ve Got a Right (LP)

Les Temps des Assassins (1996 CD Meta) Patti performs the Arthur Rimbaud poem Matinee d’Ivresse

Compilation LP’s with one Patti track on each: The Sire Machine Turns You Up : Hey Joe, New Wave: Piss Factory, That Summer Soundtrack: Because the Night”, Times Square: “Pissing in a River”

Video/Film Needs

What’s On (Granada TV) Hosted by Tony Wilson

Saturday Night Live 1976 (two tracks) & 1978 (two tracks)

Mike Douglas Show 1976 (two tracks) & 1977 (?) & 1978 (three tracks)

Tonight interview early 1977, Midnight Special Two tracks, Kids are People Too One track

R.E.M.: VHS PAL Video for E Bow the letter

Video for Dream of Life – A rare interview with Patti Smith (US Arista promo)

Summer Cannibals promo video

1996 EPK VHS video

Central Park (Audience recording?) 5 Sept. 1996 VHS 120 mins, Dutch TV Special 1996 25 minutes

Robert Getting His Nipple Pierced at the Chelsea Hotel in 1970. A 33 minute film by Sandy Daley with Patti’s seemingly spontaneous and random dialogue as the soundtrack.

Tattoo a film by Sandy Daley of Patti Getting Her Knee tattooed in 1973 at the Chelsea Hotel by the artist Valli. Mostly silent but Patti recites her poem Edie Sedgewick 1973

Still Moving – Amy Longsdorf’s review in her Patti fanzine stated “Still Moving” was the last movie that Patti made (article written in 1980). Robert Mapplethorpe directed this strange and oddly riveting film. During the course of the movie’s 12 minutes, Patti rambles on random subjects, changes black and white clothes, pulls down curtains, speaks to a statue of Satan that ends crashing to the floor. But all these events seem to make sense in some menacing way. And the film really does “capture Patti.” Robert said in the LA Times “I was trying to make a filmic portrait to capture the verbalisation of her poetry and literature but it never happened. Sometimes Patti’s art just spills out of her when she’s creating, like she’s in a trance. But she never got to that schizophrenic stage of pure inspiration with the cameraman and all the lights around.”

The Y Portfolio by Robert Mapplethorpe, Patti wrote the text.

Poster and VHS PAL of Blank Generation made by Amos Poe & Ivan Kral. Patti’s talking opens and closes the 55 minute film.


Books, poems, bio needs

Kodak by Patti Smith (Middle Earth Press 1973)

High on Rebellion by John Muir (1979 Babylon) Large black & white comic size/paperback format scrap book of press cuttings/photos with some text by John Muir MINT CONDITION ONLY

Woolgathering by Patti Smith (1992 Hanuman Books) ISBN possibly 0937815-47-0 MUST BE ENGLISH HARDBACK EDITION

Wallflower (Broadside)

Amazing Tale of Skunkdog (Broadside)

Patti Smith Broadside Kit (Radio Ethiopia Publication 1977)

A Book of Nods with Jim Carroll

Notes Pour Java Head (Broadside)

Die Siebente Himmel (German)

Horses Record company biographies & any for subsequent 1970’s LP’s except Gung Ho

Robert Miller Gallery Exhibition poster & memorabilia from joint exhibition by Patti (drawings) & Robert Mapplethorpe (films & stills) Included the film collaboration “Still Moving”

Memorabilia from “Recent Drawings by Younger Artists” exhibition at Whitney Museum of Art 26th April – 11th June 1978

Memorabilia from Kunstmuseum Hannover Poetry reading and exhibition. On the occasion of the unveiling of Franz Gertsch’s portrait of Patti Smith on 11th June 1979

Memorabilia from Kunstmuseum Bern Poetry reading and exhibition. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the art museum in Bern. 13th June 1979


Magazine needs

Back Door Man No.14

Circus No.124

Crawdaddy No.55

Creem Sept 1971, March 1973, April 1973, February 1974, April 1974, July 1974 ?, June 1975, November 1975, January 1976 “Sweet Howling Fire” One full page colour pic. & seven other pages , February 1976 No.93, March 1976 No94, April 1976 No.95 “Skin Tight with Patti Smith” fashion pix. By Lisa Robinson, July 1976 No. 98, August 1976, September 1978, January 1979 “Memories of Jim Morrison”

High Times Number 22 Blondie Cover

Hit Parader January 1976, June 1976 “Starry Eyed Space Angel” Interview four pages

Ideal Magazine Issue No.8 New Order issue 2.

New York Rocker No.1, No.8, No.10, September 1978, No.16 January 1979 (Devo cover)

Rock & Folk December 1976 Cover & two page article

Rock Scene January 1976 Cover and three page “Patti Smith in Studio”, March 1976, July 1976 “Patti on the Loose” (Cover & three pages of pix.), September 1976 Cover & “Patti Live on Sat. Night, three page article about TV appearance., November 1976, January 1977, March 1977 “PS in Amsterdam” Four pages of photos., May 77 Vol 5 No 3 Five page article, June 1977 Cover, “Patti at Palladium” four pages live & candid., July 1977 “Patti Smith News” Two page article about Patti recuperating & campaigning for Radio Ethiopia., Sept 77 “Patti Celebrates” - two pages at Gotham Book Mart with Wm. Burroughs and poets, March 1978, June 78 Cover & four pages - live & candid at Anderson Theatre (NYC), September 1978, January 1980, July 1980, August 1980, March 1981.

Sounds 191270 “He Aint Heavy He’s My Brother”, 131275 Poetry in Motion article

Time Out New York 1998 cover issue, XS 1 & 2, Zigzags 82, 87, 96, 98.

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