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 ---- Windows DevKit ----
  Win32 Simulator Screen Shot
  The  RockBox  Development  Kit  For  Windows  Users    * Version 3.14 *

Ever wish that  you too can tailor  RockBox  to  your own  personal style?

Whether you are a "newbie" and would simply  enjoy the chance to
brand your jukebox  with  your own name & address.

Or maybe you are a seasoned programmer looking for a  quick and simple
Cygwin installer  tailored for RockBox developers.

This  one-click installer  offers the  perfect solution - and furthermore
it contains  everything you need,  including  complete step-by-step instructions
to  guarantee you  first time success.

Download:   DevKit Installer    Enhanced UI Simulator Patch [v1.0]

Documentation:   Installation Guide    What is CVS?

 ---- Plugins ----
Othelo Screen Shot   A Classic Game of Strategy  With  A.I. Computer Opponents   [v2.4]
Latest Version:  
Plugin    Source Code    Manual
Plugin is included with the AUDIO 3587 Release Pack
Starfield Maxi Demo Screen Shot   Showing Off  The Latest  Çybôrg Sÿstems  Games Engine Code   [v0.5]
Latest Version:  
Plugin    Source Code
Plugin is included with the AUDIO 3587 Release Pack
Klondike Solitaire Screen Shot
  The Worlds  Most Popular  Solitaire Card Game   [v1.1]
Latest Version:  

Plugin    Source Code    Manual
v1.0 is included with the AUDIO 3587 Release Pack
  AUDIO 3587  
Audio-3587 Screen Shots
  Advanced Audio Controls For When  Quality Matters   [v1.0]
Latest Version:  

Release Pack:  

Previous Version:  
Release Notes    Source Code
Manual (Sighted)    Manual (Blind)

Firmware JBR-V1    Firmware JBR-V2    Firmware JBR-FM   

Patch    Manual    Source Code
 ---- Libraries ----
  Graphics Library:  A Comprehensive set of  Graphics Functions for  Advanced Plugin Development.

Download    Manual
  Full  Clipping Algorithms  available
  Improved  Line and Box  drawing algorithms
  Hyper-fast  PLOT & CLS  functions
  Sprite Display
  Simulator-time  Advanced Error Reporting
  User definable fonts
  Character and String  handling functions
  ...and more!
  Random Number Library:  The  Çybôrg Sÿstems  Random Number Generator.

Download    Manual
Main Features:
  Based on  Linear Congruency
  Uses inherent properties of the silicon for futher  Speed Improvements
  TWO  lines of code (a multiply and a shift) and  FOUR  bytes of memory
  The  Speed & Memory Improvements  are  Immediately Obvious
  Card Games Core Library:  All the  core functions  you need to write your own  card game.

Download    Manual
  Full 'deck' and 'hand' manipulation functions
  Realistic shuffling algorithms
  Card display routines
  Customise card artwork to any size or shape
  Requires the  bc_gfx()  and  bc_rnd()  libraries
  Type Definitions Header:  Download  these basic  Type Definitions  for use with the  above Libraries.
 ---- Supported MP3 Players ----
  Archos Jukebox Player/Studio   Archos
  Archos Jukebox Recorder Original   Archos
  Archos Jukebox Recorder 20   Archos
Version 1
  Archos Jukebox Recorder Version 2   Archos
Version 2
  Archos Jukebox Recorder FM   Archos
+FM Radio
No Graphics Support   The Original & V1 units are almost identical.
The V1 Supports USB v2.0
  The V2 & FM units are almost identical.
Early V2 units secretly included the FM chip.
A comprehensive Feature Comparison Table for the Supported Archos Units can be found -> HERE <-  
 ---- Archos Firmware ----
  Archos Jukebox Studio   Archos Jukebox 6000,  Studio 10,  and  Studio 20
Last Official Release:   Version 5.07a USB Update    
  There is no flash support for these units
  Archos Jukebox Recorder 20   Archos Jukebox Recorder 20  V1  Firmware
Last Official Release:   Version 1.27d USB Update     Version 1.28 Flash Update **
  Both firmwares are identical in function
  Archos Jukebox Recorder 20 V2   Archos Jukebox Recorder 20  V2  Firmware
Last Official Release:   Version 1.40a USB Update     Version 1.40a Flash Update **
  Archos Jukebox Recorder FM   Archos Jukebox Recorder  FM  Firmware
Last Official Release:   Version 1.30j USB Update     Version 1.30j Flash Update **
  ** The "Flash" version is only required if you wish to restore your unit to factory default after flashing with RockBox
 ---- Helpful Links ----
RockBox Logo      Homepage   Mailing List Subscription   Live Chat Room    
  Mailing List Logs   Chat Room Logs  
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Utilities Archive   Converting Movies To Rockbox Video Format (RVF)  
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