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 ---- Fans ----
Basic Fan Perfect Fan 1-H Fan Dbl 1-H Fan Two High
 ---- The Ribbon Spread ----
Spread & Close Single Run Double Run    
 ---- Shuffling ----
Faro & Riffle 1-H Faro & Riffle 1-H Faro & Waterfall    
 ---- Ornate but Fair Cuts ----
Swing Swing 2-Way n-Way Charlier Rev. charlier
1-H 3-Way 1-H Swing      
 ---- Forces & Switches ----
Side Steal #1 Side Steal #2 Top Card Cover    
 ---- Forces & Switches ----
Fan Force "Wink" "Window" "Curry" "Snap"
 ---- Palming and Revealing ----
Single #1 Single #2 Multiple #1 Multiple #2  
 ---- Card Juggling ----
Spring Waterfall 'Electric Deck' Single Jump Boomerang
Authored by: Bluechip