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providing web site design guidance

This web site offers guidance and advice on designing effective, usable, easily navigable web sites using best practices and principles.

It should assist all web authors in maximising their potential audience and in encouraging their visitors to return.

It should not stifle originality, inhibit creativity, or prevent your own individual and unique style from developing. My intention is not to impose my opinions on you but rather to enable you to benefit from what I have learnt through personal trial, error, and research into the topic.

NB. Above all, content should always be your first priority and design second. Never forget that your visitors are coming to your site for the information that you are offering, not to admire your web design talents. Your design exists to enable them to find and view what they are looking for as efficiently and clearly as possible, not to distract them.

what's new?

january 2003

Site re-designed (yet again - but now I love it!). All credit due to Eric Meyer who already had the code for what I had been trying unsuccessfully to achieve.

september 2002

Corrected minor validation errors.
Added links on the useful sites page to NetMechanic and useful Web Design Group resources.