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Uncle Dick (Richard Goldthorp) who assembled the modern Goldthorp tree,

Rudi de Groote for allowing sight of the Mace and de Groote tree,

Marion Dean (Goldthorp) of Cheshire for the following, and for her research into the family in Kirkburton,

and anyone I haven't mentioned. 



The place-name Thorpe occurs commonly in the West Riding, either by itself or in a compound, and a detailed examination of its distribution throughout Yorkshire by Professor Smith showed that it was commonest in the regions around important centers. Perhaps this is a consequence of its meaning: in old Danish it was ised to describe an outlying farmstead; or a secondary settlement.

Goldthorpe is the name of a village recorded in the Domnesday Book as Guldetorp - Gulde presumably being originally the first name of the man whose settlement was established near Bolton upon Dearne. Thirteenth century documents show that a landowning family living in this parish adopted Goldthorpe as their surname. It was the family eventually responsible for the distribution of the name in and around the parish of Kirkburton.

The move from Goldthorpe occurred as a result of an important marriage. In 1361 Robert de Goldthorpe, who was also known as Robert Robertson (his fathers name was Robert), married Esabell de Shepley and, as a result inherited part of the manor and estates of Shepley. The family eventually settled in the kirkburton parish and for close on 200 years were counted on amongst the most prominent land-owning families in the Huddersfield area. However, in 1542 thomas Goldthorpe sold his share of Shepley manor and other lands for 290 to a certain Richard Stansfield and thereby terminated the family's connection with the manor.

This might explain the departure from Kirkburton of Ralph Goldthorpe, a younger son of Thomas. A deed of 1550 makes it clear that Ralph had surrendered further property and land in Hepworth into the possession of Richard Charlesworth and had taken up residence in London.

The Goldthorpes, somewhat reduced in circumstances, continued living in Shepley after 1542 and the names of Thomas and James were recorded there in the Subsidy Roll of 1545. Shepley was, in fact, the only village in the whole of the region where the surname was recorded and the association between the two remained very close. In the period 1545 - 1675 many Huddersfield families increased their nimbers and became distributed over a much wider area. this was not the case with Goldthorpe and their history can be followed in the Kirkburton Parish Registers.

At the time of the Hearth Tax in 1664 shepley was still the only home of the surname locally. Four men were listed, each spelling his name differently: Gouldthrope, Gouldthrop, Gouldthorpe and Gouldthroppe. These variants, along with even more eccentric spellings in the Parish Registers, help explain the large number of modern forms of Goldthorpe in Yorkshire. Despite that, in Huddersfield and in Shepley, where the name is still found, the normal spelling is Goldthorpe, identical with the place-name.

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