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Welcome to the Keith Nash Homesite. UK Artist and musician. Links to free, original mp3s. Online galleries with regular and featured exhibitions. About the artist. Latest releases. All artworks, web design & music by Keith Nash CP Nash. Est Online.1997.

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Neighbours by Norman McLaren, National Film Board of Canada

please take time and watch some films via the National Film Board Of Canada.
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from today 21/01/16 your microsoft account has been activated to store ALL your online activity {see account settings online and new T and C's}. i have quit my microsoft accounts so NONE of the above previous content is available. 3rd party links still work for anyone who wishes to follow them [i thoroughly recommed the 'The Dictatorship Of Data' program - 50 minutes well spent]. OneDrive is ended. they [big business] wanted to stop folks like me putting free stuff up, [to monetise every action you perform online, because while free is there they can't charge for content] even though it's my own content, my own material and i just wanted people to hear/see the stuff i had done. now they have made it even more impossible and unavailable unless i/you are prepared to submit to having all your lovely, saleable data in one place where it can be hacked at or handed on to whoever OR i/you are prepared to pay for such material to be 'so-called' secured - which after so many years online with this stuff YOU clearly are not [of the nearly 9000 visitors since 2002 your indifference to my music and art is palpable by it's silence] and i certainly ain't going to cost myself money to put my material on a hosted site i expect to gain no re-fund/cover costs from {been there, bought that T-Shirt, ran out of breath, ran out of money}. the end, the internet is over for me. have a nice day. cheers bill an chums. so if you are happy with them already starting to put microschips with location and movement data in your childs' toys [see tv advert for susages! how cute and seemingly convenient - emotional blackmail salesmanship is what it is. i suggest to you that your child would do better to understand the value of their own property they are responsible for and the abstract notion of loss] and soon your children themselves. carry on. big bid data - here it comes - transparency? naw, not on your nelly mate, just liquid [plastic, Jean {Hanns} Arp was right and Piet Mondrian too - plastic society, plastic mathmatics, plastic lives] manipulation and interpretation of your scant data will now be theirs and theirs alone for them to do as they will with. - "we fill in the gaps"

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