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Search Engine Submission - AddMe

the torrents and the data thieves, they have control over 'my' work now. and thanks to the likes of zoominfo/allmusic and many other data gathering/sharing services (data aggrigators) that have now stollen/borrowed/bought/aquired information to the affect that i am indeed 'disabled' - not that you EVER needed to know that to enjoy the art or music. that's from either a dwp database, an electoral role, my doctors database, the chemist i use, an old yahoo form from years ago, a google/linked in/facebook form from years ago, or one of serveral other websites' data from the past, all long ago, cancelled accounts - people who have made money from 'my' data by spreading potentially damaging and dangerous information about me. "and you think it's not happening to you? - right now?" you see - to them, you are just 'data' - just more numbers to move along and make a tiny profit out of at each step. no matter if that's through advertising, pay-per-click, sponcership whatever - there are many 'webmaster tools' to make automatic money from a website. that you are a human being at the end of the exploitation trail means nothing to them.


30 years of that has ment that i could never commit to a scheduled gig {anyone who has run a business or organised a band knows that stability and predictability is key. if the drummer turns up too drunk to play that's unacceptable, if the driver says "i've got the van booked in for service so i can't take you." with 24hrs notice that's unacceptable, if the guitarist turns ups and says "i'm getting married-taking the kids on holiday-going to my brothers birthday-going snowboarding/skiing/playing football again on saturday" with out telling anyone - that's unacceptable - so saying, sometimes six months in advance, that i would be fit enough to play is impossible. and critically, wrong of me - so i took myself out of that frame many years ago} hence i have, for some years, 'just been' a recording artist, the internet 'was' my last chance for a 'level' playing field. because i don't gig anymore folks seem to think of me as a 'lesser' musician. "computer does it all for you these days doesn't it." do you care? are you interested enough to want to find out? - 2 seconds isn't it, if you don't tick all the boxes, (health, wealth and beauty with a good dose of post, post modern irony) 2 seconds and you are instantly dismissed. for 15 seconds of fame on faceache an twitbook hacked by Froogle, the bland leading the bland in a sea of baige, [people so 'up it' they can no longer see themselves for what they've become - "yeah but it keeps the accountant happy dosen't it"] so nieche it's designed for an audience of one. ["one sale is better than no sale." yeah and everybody is a customer - even yer mum] "man up and chil out, smile and pretent the world is a bright, fluffy wonderful place full of caring people that do wonderful acts of kindness at every turn [and they do, good on 'em - keep on keeping on] - then kick hell out of them in a virtual 'world of brutality craft'. now take them for every penny through a vail of obfuscation (religion/advertising), decite (big buisness/insurance) and denial (government/lawyers)." snake oil merchants to a man. man.

"if yer ain't a crim' ya'll never been in it to win it" - "what a wonderful world 'we' create." {'they?' they?, who are 'they'? they 'are' YOU - oh what a mighty parradox} listen to Will Self, listen to John Lennon and many more - peace, love, understanding and respect. hippies were never just about getting stoned and fuckin yer know. "never trust a hippy eh?" i would have done then. more than any suited up tight arse with a clipboard. but t'waz they who started the techno revolution and continue selling the data proceeds to the security trades. "sharp dressed men still, ya kno'"

humanity now has the attention span of a flea and the morals and ethics of a barrel full of drunken monkeys. "there's nowt funnier na' folk." now it's all free in a free-for-all world. no artworks are available to buy online and no audio works currently reside at please use the OneDrive below.