Park Court is a development of 72 flats in nine blocks. 54 flats date from the late 1930s while the remaining 18 were added in the 1980s. All the flats are the same size.

The Park Court estate freehold is owned by Park Court (Sydenham) Ltd, a company established by the residents in 2001. Each flat owner is entitled – and encouraged – to purchase a share of the freehold, and almost everybody has. The balance of shares is held by Park Court (Sydenham) Ltd. When a flat changes ownership and the former lessee has not taken up the freehold share option, the purchasers are expected to do so. Details are available from our managing agents.

Managing agents
Labyrinth Properties Ltd, Suite 1, Dorchester Court, 281-283 London Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3HE. Tel: 01276 601290.

Grounds maintenance and rubbish collection
Westland Estates Ltd, Old Hill Farm, Green Street Green, Orpington, Kent BR6 6BN. Tel: 01689 855069.

Like most other residential developments, Park Court has a set of ‘Estate Rules’ as conditions of the lease, intended to make life pleasanter for everyone. Please bear them in mind:

  • No personal property (bikes, pushchairs, etc.) is to be left or stored in any of the communal areas.

  • No waste or rubbish is to be left outside the flats – except for a single ‘black sack’ of domestic waste on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for collection by the flat doors.

  • No rubbish or litter (e.g. cigarette ends) is to be thrown out of the windows.

  • Satellite dishes are not to be placed anywhere on the exterior of the buildings.

  • Noise from individual flats must be kept low enough not to constitute a nuisance – particularly between 11pm and 7am.

  • Untaxed vehicles or trailers must not be left overnight on the estate.

  • Paths and driveways must not be obstructed and vehicles must not be parked where they cause an obstruction to others.

  • Owners/ occupiers of the ground floor flats are responsible for the maintenance of the borders adjacent to the property, and responsible for ensuring that plants/ shrubs do not damage or deface the buildings.

  • Residents are required not to do anything that causes damage, nuisance or annoyance to other residents.


Follow these to contact:

Labyrinth Properties

Westland Estates

Park Court's directors