Epson R2400

The following information tells you what you need to do when Photoshop is managing the colours.  Epson provide Printer Profiles for all their make of papers/inks.  You should select the appropriate one in the Photoshop Print Profile option. 

This is the first window for the R2400. It shows only the basic settings and you need to click on the Advanced button to get to the options needed for controlling Colour Management.

The Advanced window now shows controls for Colour Management and this is where Epson gets a little confusing.  You will see a checkbox called ‘ICM’ and this is the Windows terminology for it’s Colour Management and typically if you check this box then you are instructing the Printer Driver to manage the colours.  This is the case with some Epson printers and many others.   However, in the case of the Epson R2400 this is only partially true.  To actually turn OFF colour management in this printer the ICM checkbox needs checking, which then gives even more options, as below.

Now you see another set of options and the one we’re interested in is the ‘Off(No Colour Adjustment) checkbox.  Checking this will actually turn off the Printer Driver colour management.

The final thing to remember is to always select the appropriate paper type in the Paper and Quality Options dialog.





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