Pixels by Woody

Colour Problems

If you've every asked these questions......               

'Why don't my prints look like what I see on my display?'

'Why do my pictures look a different colour when I use different programs to view them?'

'Why do the colours look washed out?'

'Why does my friend see darker pictures on his screen?'

'Why do my pictures have a blue caste to them?'

Then read on......

The links on the right will take you to some basic notes about Colour Management which is at the heart of trying to achieve colour consistency.  The notes are intended for the beginner and for users of Photoshop Elements (although some of the concepts are relevant to Colour Management in General)


Part 1 - Why problems occur and basic steps to overcome them

Part 2 - A little more in depth notes about Colour Spaces and Profiles

Part 3 - Photoshop Elements Colour Settings

Part 4 - Printing with Photoshop Elements

Part 5 - The Camera

Part 6 - The Screen

Part 7 - The Printer

Some colour space test images


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