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Welcome to my home page. Browse my munros database, see pictures of Mr Pix...

Im in the process of migrating my NTL world / virgin media site to 000Webhosting service. Main reason for this is that it give me more diskspace (and avoid having to get a new email address as well), free PHP and mySQL which I can now start playing with and making the site a bit more interactive. This is at Colin McPherson

Scottish Mountain Climbing

One of my big projects was to climb all of Scottish Mountains over 3000 feet - the Munros.

I started off in 1987, and finished October 2006. Munroist 3732!

I have literally hundreds of photographs, as well as notes on who I was with when I did the walks. You can browse these at Munros

I have just started doing the Corbetts and started slowly ticking them off as well. Loads of new places to visit, more Islands, looking forward to going back to the far North and even areas I havent been to before. You can browse these at Corbetts

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