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Well, its starting to take shape. I've added more content and got around to refining the structure a little.
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PfP Studio

Visual programming environment for PHP
8 Dec 2004


Update a remote site via FTP; like mirroring but run from the origin.
2 Feb 2002
3 Dec 2001
Also now available are:

DialBack 0.3

Some notes on connecting Linux and Microsoft Windows clients to a Linux server with dialback.
Either to view online or download as a gzipped tarball (.tar.gz)


Quickly generate the files needed to use 'named' for DNS name lookups, with a SOA for your LAN. kfdns-0.2.tar.gz


This application, originally written by Padraig Renaghan, stores browser bookmarks at a central location - great for someone like me who uses multiple computers at multiple sites. I'm currently trying to add some extra functionality.

Hancom Office

I've been test driving this new office package for Linux.


I thought I'd start recording my adventures in SysAd land.