The Philippines

Karaoke Nights The Crew Vegi Cook Book Diving 1 Tequila & Rum
Saturday Nights View Drunk Again Diving 2 On The boat


At The Top View River View Forest Camp Cute Orang
Two Cute Orangs Sunset Beach BarMuddy? Baby Turtles


Just one step back Water Falls Dip your toe in The Rock The Rock
Top of the rock Mud and Crocks Dinner One lump or two Spiney Thing
Bush Tucker Riding Don't look back Mad Crowd at Mardi Gras Nice Girls !
Give Me A Yank Cheeky Opera House The Bridge Ozzy Rules
Mr Skeates Rob the mixer Cool Dude Seals Great Sky
Below Decks Rob Below Deck Sun Set Great Hat ! At The Helm
Rubber Wear OOoooooo... Summer Bay Home And Away Sand Turtle
Fraser Island Fraser Isand Give us a push Look out theres a dingo about Dingo

New Zealand

Ready to jump MAD MAD MAD M&S slump in knickers Bungeeeee Jet Boat
At the controls.... NOT Ice n a slice Touch down Happy Ice Caves
Dirty Ice Mountains Lunch on the hoof No street cred now Poo PJ's
Jeronimooo... WEEeeeee.. Going Down (under ?) SMILE He Looks suprised

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