In total there were thirteen separate editions of the Stingemore maps. Two were printed on paper for the inclusion in guidebooks; both the front and rear of an example of each of these, can both be viewed on the link below.
Paper Maps - 1 & 2

The other eleven were printed on card folders to assist the public with in-transit navigation. These eleven are as follows: -

1925 to 1926 - 1st & 2nd
Only the first four of Stingemore maps are dated. (The first two are, May 1925 & January 1926.)

1926 to 1927 - 3rd & 4th
The next two are dated April 1926, and January 1927. On these the river Thames is added.

1928 - 5th
Size increased by three quarters of an inch to approximately 6.5 x 5.5 inches. This allowed the detail, in the congested central London area, to be expanded.

1928 - 6th
The introduction of station names in their respective line colours; prior to this they were printed in black. This design feature remained with the Harry Beck maps until 1946, when the print returned to black.

1930 - 7th
The Piccadilly Railway Extension is shown but as under construction. This remained until the 11th map when the extension was shown as completed.

1932 - 8th
This edition signifies a change to the maps being issued by the Publicity Manager's Office instead of the Commercial Manager's Office, as shown on the front cover. Also, the printers change from Waterlow & Sons Ltd London Dunstable & Watford, to The David Allen Printing Co (London) Ltd.

1932 - 11th
The last of Stingemore maps. The Piccadilly Railway extension is shown as completed.

Additional features to identify which year the map was published:

  • From the 4th map onwards, the card contained a list of theatres and the nearest underground station, on the rear.
  • The list was updated in each edition, as new theatres opened and occasionally, theatres closed.
  • Stations, closed and opened after refurbishment, were updated.
  • All the maps up until the 10th had a list of "Places of Interest" on one of the inner covers. This feature was replaced in the 11th edition by an announcement of changes to the network.