'Once Upon A Time' album cover (1977) by Donna Summer, produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte.

Once Upon A Time

This critically-acclaimed double album (one of Mojo's recent top 100!) featured, of particular interest to Moroder fans, one whole side of electronic material ('Now I Need You' / 'Working The Midnight Shift' / 'Queen For A Day') which built ingeniously on the groundwork established with 'I Feel Love'.

Conceived as the tale of a modern day Cinderella, with Summer drawing on many of her own experiences as a penurious single mother, the recording swept along continuously over the album's four sides with rarely a break in the musical flow - something no 'dance' album had previously attempted.

This was Summer's last album to be recorded in Europe. Future Summer/Moroder/Bellotte albums would be made in Los Angeles.