'Einzelganger' (1975) by Giorgio Moroder.


One of Moroder's previous attempts at blending electronics with popular music was a solo album (written, performed and produced by him) 'Einzelganger' released by Casablanca Records. 

Non-disco and sung by Moroder in German, one wonders what US-based Casablanca Records must have made of it. 

Mainly electronic in its execution, it still lacked the hi-energy sequencing know-how which was to make 'I Feel Love' and 'From Here To Eternity' so successful a mere two years later.

(The failure of Einzelganger's electronic sound to make an impression may explain why the ground-breaking 'I Feel Love' was relegated to the lowly status of 'B' side on 'Can't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over' when Donna Summer's 1977 single was initially released in the United States - a decision which in retrospect now seems unbelievable.)