How We Run the Sunday School

Generally, Sunday School meets in the Church Hall on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month during school term time. We start at 9.45am in the Church Hall where we begin our session with singing (often learning a song for an up-coming Family Service) and then go on to hear our story for the week, followed by various craft activities, a break for squash and a biscuit and then games (usually noisy!). We finish by going into Church for communion or a blessing near the end of the service and to share what we have learnt that morning with the congregation.

The first Sunday each month is a family service in Church which is very much geared to the children where they participate in the service in many ways, for example by singing a song, saying prayers, helping with the collection, carrying flags, handing out hymn books…..

When there is a fifth Sunday in the month there will be an All Age Eucharist in Church which is a new service to St John’s and will have something for everyone!

If you need any further information about Sunday School, please e-mail

Mission statement

We believe that children:

  • are curious, trusting, compassionate, spontaneous, imaginative, vulnerable, fun, active and loveable

  • have gifts for ministry to all age levels;

  • have a great capacity for outreach and evangelism;

  • are dependent on their family and the Church community for guidance and formation of faith, and their faith journey includes learning the language;

  • crave relationships and attention, especially from adults, and will fill that need in any way possible;

  • recognise differences and need guidance to help them understand and appreciate the richness of diversity in people, places and things;

  • need healthy and appropriate boundaries and limits balanced with opportunities for independence and freedom.

Therefore we seek to nurture the development and spirituality of children.


We will:

  • welcome any child, whether they attend regularly or just occasionally;

  • accept a child with any kind of disability and do our best to accommodate their needs;

  • allow children to join the group they prefer, but encourage them to move to the appropriate one for their age;

  • accept children under three, provided a parent accompanies them;


We aim to:

  • provide a safe, caring and nurturing Christian environment where children are welcomed and respected, and where their individuality is recognised and accepted;

  • interest the children in the Christian faith in a way that is relevant to them and show by example, by good teaching and by listening, how this can affect them in their daily lives;

  • endeavour to enable them to experience the wonder of the love of God.

  • allow parents who wish, to stay with their children;

  • encourage participation by parents;

  • enable parents to have access to a named leader in the event of concerns;

  • ensure that leaders and helpers are aware of Child Protection Policies;

  • provide opportunity and resources for all leaders and helpers to have access to ongoing training.

To find out more contact our Vicar, Revd Ronni Lamont, 01322 521786,