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Essential MapInfo add-ons.

Exa-Min's GeoBasemap series including:



MapInfo 10.5 due for UK release June 2010 PBBI.

See here for more MapInfo information. Download details to follow.

Discover 12 released June 22nd 2010.
Now available for download for maintained users.

Discover 3D 6.0
new release for 3D visualisation of MapInfo data
More details...

GBM Pro fully released
View data from related MapInfo tables in a single form view.

GBM Mobile 6.5 beta available

GIS Software Training

Training courses and Support. Click here to see how your GIS skills can be improved.


GIS Data Services

Data management, drafting, digitising, and MapInfo expertise for professional users of spatial information.


"As a geologist, I need more from MapInfo. As a professional, so do you!"
- Caroline Hilton, Pelican GeoGraphics Ltd Managing Director

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