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GBM Mobile is an out-of-the-box mobile mapping solution for use on a PDA or PocketPC phone.
Based on MapX Mobile, GBM Mobile provides complete integration with your office-based MapInfo Professional

Fully scaleable, from a single mobile device to the enterprise solution, the GBM suite is the only mobile GIS to support simple, automated PC-integration with MapInfo Professional.

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GBM Mobile finds particular application in the following areas:

    Field Mappers
  • Draw and edit points, lines and polygons
  • Record and edit data values through custom forms
  • Automate drawing styles and map presentation

    Asset Management Personnel
  • Accurately locate the asset with onboard GPS
  • Retrieve and update asset information
  • Eliminate double handling with in-field data entry

    Data Collectors
  • Ensure data quality through pick lists and on-the-spot validation
  • Eliminates transcription errors and double handling with direct database upload

    All Field Operators
  • GPS tracking to record route information
  • GPS controlled moving maps keep you located

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Features include:

Custom editions can now be developed to directly integrate mobile operations with specific server-side business processes or databases.

First released in 2003, GBM Mobile supports PocketPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5, 6 or 7. The current release is v5.1.

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