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Static Engine
This is something I created in a few days to try out a new technique I had in mind for handling slopes in static. It actually turned out very well to begin with, so I added some more features and decided to make it into a how-to shortly after. I thought it would be the best thing to do as I wanted to work on my major project more (Sally - Quest for the Power Stones), and besides, nobody learns anything if everyone is too secretive now, right?

The engine is capable of handling slopes of any angle up to 45 degrees. The slopes do not have to be regular, either - they can be bumpy, curved or even jagged, providing that they stick to the '45 degree rule' for the most part. Sonic's basic moves have also been included (skidding, rolling, spindashing) and there are springs to play around with. However, badnik collisions and ring loss have to be implemented yourself.

Details on how to use and modify the engine (along with what everything does) are included with the how-to.