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No-Name Puzzle Game
This is meant to be a 'filler' while I'm not doing much with Sonic Origin, but it'll probably turn out to be more than that. So...played bust-a-move before? Course you have. However...ever tried it with a bat and ball? That's the premise of this game. It will focus on head-to-head modes, where two players battle against each other.

Players can build up an 'attack' by breaking blue, red or yellow blocks in their area. Blue blocks are worth the least, while yellow blocks are worth the most (although the latter takes more hits to destroy). Green blocks are a little different in that, for every one destroyed. they add exactly one grey block to the player's current attack. One player can send an attack over to the other by pressing button 1. When they next hit (or miss) the ball with their bat, they'll have a bunch of grey blocks to deal with! These take two hits to destroy, and are worth (pretty much) nothing.

Both players will have to watch out for the unstable celing, which will slowly cave-in on them at times. The only way to stop this is by ending the destroy those blocks quickly! Your ball will start off at a slow speed and gradually get faster the more you 'bounce' it with the bat. Try to keep the ball going for as long as possible, as you'll get two rows of grey blocks for missing it. You can win a round in one of two ways - by breaking all the coloured blocks in your area (not grey ones), or if your opponent lets a block slip over the white 'danger' line.

Take a look below for a picture of the game in action. You can also download an early test of this game...if you haven't clicked the link already =P. It's two-player only, so you'll have to find a friend/enemy/victim to get a real feel for it. The controls may be a bit sensitive, but that's because this is really meant to be played with mouse control. I hope to make a 2-player online option soon, so that both players can use the mouse. Well...that's it for now. Have fun.

Well...what can I say? This game didn't really take off after the early stages. After a short while, I decided to make something out of Sonic Origin instead...hence the demo of Sonic DIY that I'm now working on.