Sonic Maze-Mania
One Girl Army

Sonic Maze-Mania
The game with no plot (or sense) whatsoever...but then who needs that now? =P

Sonic Maze-Mania is an original action/puzzle based fangame which had been set for a Christmas release date at SFGHQ (and I met it somehow - woo!).

The premise is fairly simple - run around a maze avoiding the enemies whilst flipping floor tiles as quick as possible. However, you'll need to keep an eye out for holes in the floor and dangerous obstacles too, as they wont stop for you!

To make matters even more difficult, not all the floor tiles turn the right colour first time. Any tiles that turn red have to be run over again in a certain direction so that they change to orange (the 'correct' colour). Should you run over some of these tiles again in a rush to avoid enemies, they may turn back to red, causing further problems later on. If you do manage to change all the floor tiles properly, be prepared to make a bid for the exit before the enemies get you!