Atkinson DNA-Study.

This website is not intended to serve as a 'One-Name Study'. The surname is too prolific. Neither is it my intention to conduct searches for individuals or provide specific family trees. Though some may be found. Besides which the Rootsweb & Genforum  Atkinson message boards provide an excellent service already facilitating such enquiries. As may 

Having said that it is my hope that this site will provide a resource that others can use. And it may help to direct people with their own researches. There will be a male bias in that, through the DNA study, it is hoped to identify specific Atkinson family groups and locations that they can be found. The list of researchers may include some basic family trees. 

The chief purpose of this site is to bring together as many holders of the surname together as possible, who share an interest in using scientific means to search out the origin of their ancestors. 

A DNA study is a means, "by which we can prioritize research and corroborate findings". "It can identify men who are likely to share a common historical ancestor, a process which creates a new genealogical category: 'genetic families'. In focusing research it may improve accuracy of findings and save time and money.

The testing company being used was Recently some individuals have been tested by .The following Video produced by FTDNA may interest people:


1. The Surname it's meaning and origins.

2. Understanding the Concepts involved in DNA Studies.

* Some guidance on choosing a) numbers of markers b) testing company.

3) The Atkinson DNA Study

Section a)

 Results to date.







Section b)

Tabular Comparison of results:

i) Genetic Distance

ii) TMRCA 50% probability of being connected within 'X' generastions.

iii) TMRCA 95% probability of being connected within 'X' generations.

Section c)

 Discussion of results.







4. List of Atkinson Researchers.

5. Links to Atkinson Resources.

6. Combined Atkinson/Adkins/Atkins Study.

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