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Chris Atkinson


Gen 2 James Beneson Atkinson bn 1919 Nafferton, ERY

Gen 3 Charles William Atkinson bn 1882, Leeds, WRY

Gen 4 James Atkinson bn 1844 Beverley, ERY

Gen 5  William Atkinson bn 1806 Bishop Burton, ERY, ENG

Gen 6

John Atkinson bn Cumberland m. Ann Waugh 1804 Beverley, ERY, ENG

Cumbria, ENG



RG+DNA Fingerprint

& Sorenson Project

One Charles Atkinson 

As Above Siblings.

As above As above 14 markers are now back and as expected Charles & Chris Match on all of these. Y Sorenson Project
One Jim Atkinson 

As Above Siblings.

As above As above 37 markers are now back and as expected Charles, Chris & Jim are a 100% match. Y Sorenson Project
One Stan Atkinson 

Cousin to Chris, Charles & Jim

As above As above 21 markers are now back. Stan matches Chris, Charles & Jim on all 21 * note including DYS 442. Y Sorenson Project
One Eric Atkinson 

Uncle of Chris, Charles & Jim. Cousin to Stan.

As above As above 38 markers are back. He mismatches on one marker DYS 442. Demonstrating that Eric has a mutation from his father. Y Sorenson Project
One Mike Atkinson


Wylie A Atkinson bn 1846

Burnwell Atkinson bn 1814 from Marlboro County SC. Later from Sancton SC, USA. Cumbria, ENG   Matches Chris 43/48 markers.



Sorenson Project

One Sorenson Project

Son of John Fate Atkinson (Fred)

Gen 2: John Fate Atkinson b. 1881 Society Hill, SC

Gen 3: John Harold Atkinson b. 1849 Society Hill, SC

Gen 4: Jimmy Atkinson b. 1830, Hartsville, SC Cumbria, ENG   Matches Chris 39/43 markers & Mike 42/43 Y Sorenson Project
One Joseph Atkinson


Gen 2: Joseph S. Atkinson b.1942 Machon, GA

Gen 3: Harold C. Atkinson b.1902 Newnan, GA

Gen 4: Theodore E Atkinson b.1851 Brunswick Co. VA

Gen 5: John P. Atkinson b.1804 Brunswick Co., VA

Gen 6: John Pepper Atkinson b. 1768 Brunswick County, VA.

Gen 7: William Atkinson b.circa 1730 d. 1807 Brunswick County, VA. Cumbria, ENG Interests are the Atkinson's of Virginia and Georgia.

Joseph is clearly connected to Mike, Charles, Chris & John Fate Atkinson. They all have a fairly rare pattern of markers.




Sorenson Project

One Philip R Atkinson


Gen 2: William Gaither Atkinson born in 1890 and was married to Mabel May Morgan from Rockingham, NC.

Gen 3: Howell Marshall Atkinson born in Chesterfield Co., SC in about 1852 and was married twice -- the second time to Inez Teal from Lilesville, NC in 1888

Gen 4: Howell born about 1803 and married to Ann Elizabeth Gunn in Pike County, GA.

Gen 5: Richard Atkinson born in about 1767 m. to Elizabeth lived in Darlington Co., SC     Y




One Donald Wayne Atkisson

Gen 2: Orliffe Fenton Atkisson bn 1892 Barry Mo.

Gen 3: Marshal V Atkisson bn. 1870 Mo., USA.

Gen 4: Lafayette Atkisson bn. 1846 Mo., USA

Gen 5: Benjamin Atkisson. bn 1809 Tn. USA

Gen 6: Armistead Atkinson bn. 1787 Cumberland, Va., USA.

Gen 7: John Adkinson bn 1755 Cumberland, Va., USA.

Gen 8: Samuel Atkinson Henrico Co., Va.

Gen 9: Thomas Atkinson bn 1689 New Kent, Va

Gen 10: John Atkinson     Y


Possibly One

David Paul Atkinson


Gen 2: Frederick Charles Atkinson bn 1920 Toronto, Canada.

Gen3: Charles James Atkinson 1891 Wimbledon SRY, ENG

Gen 2: William Atkinson bn. 31 Jul 1834     Y


Possibly One Rick Rakestraw


    Rick's family are a fairly close match to myself and it is known that a family by this relatively unusual surname lived in and around Penrith, Cumbria which is where my own family seem to have been located. Y


Two Sorenson Project

Grand Son of Alfred Henry Atkinson

Gen 3: Alfred Henry Atkinson b. 1870 Bear Lake, Id. USA

Gen 4: Joshua Charles Atkinson b.1824 Southwark, SRY, ENG

Gen 5: John Atkinson b. 1763 Bishopgate, SRY, ENG

Gen 6: Charles John Atkinson b.1790 Whitechapel, MDX, ENG

Gen 7: John Atkinson m. circa 1760 Bishopgate, SRY, ENG Possibly Cumbria, ENG   Y Sorenson Project

NB  possible connection  Atkin DNA Study

Sorenson Project

Grand Son of Alfred Levi Atkinson

Gen 3: Alfred Levi Atkinson b. 1897 Oneida, Id., USA

Gen 4: Alfred Henry Atkinson b. 1870 Bear Lake, Id. USA

Gen 5: Joshua Charles Atkinson b.1824 Southwark, SRY, ENG

Gen 6: Charles John Atkinson b.1790 Whitechapel, MDX, ENG

Gen 7: John Atkinson b. 1763 Bishopgate, SRY, ENG

Gen 8: John Atkinson m. circa 1760 Bishopgate, SRY, ENG Possibly Cumbria, ENG Note Alfred 'Levi' is 'Alfred' Henry's son. As expected they match but 42/43. Y Sorenson Project
Possibly Two

NB  possible connection  Atkin DNA Study

Robert Atkinson

Wiley Starke Atkinson b. 1852 Yalabusha Co., MS

Pinkney G Atkinson b.1828 AL or SC?   Robert matches Alfred 'Levi' & 'Alfred' Henry at 24/26. This is a possible connection but requires confirmation by upgrading the numbers of markers tested. Y


Three Sorenson Project

Grand son of Thomas Alphe? Atkinson

Gen 3: Thomas Alphe? b. 1879 Summit Co., Ut.

Gen 4: Amos Stiles Atkinson b. 1850 Sackville, New Brunswick, CAN

Gen 5: William Atkinson b. 1812 Sackville, New Brunswick, CAN

Gen 6: Christopher Atkinson b. 1780 Sackville, New Brunswick, CAN

Gen 7: Robert Atkinson b. 1742 ? Yorkshire, ENG Possibly Yorkshire, ENG These two individuals share the same paper trail and match on 38/38 markers.





Three Sorenson Project

Grand Son of Thomas Alfred Atkinson

Gen 3: Thomas Alfred b. 1879 Summit Co., Ut.

Gen 4: Amos Stiles Atkinson b. 1850 Sackville, New Brunswick, CAN   These two individuals share the same paper trail and match on 38/38 markers.

There is a possible connection between these two and Donovan J Atkinson at a GD of 4 (out of 32 markers)






Richard Berrie Atkinson Jr

Richard Berrie Atkinson, Jr.

Gen 2: Richard Berrie Atkinson b. 1909 Warsaw, CA.

Gen 3: William Henry Atkinson b. 1872, Georgia

Gen 4: Elias Reed Atkinson b. 1847, Georgia.

Gen 5: Edmund Atkinson b. 1804, Georgia.

Gen 6: Nathan Atkinson b. 1758, Northampton, VA

Gen 7: John Atkinson b. 1730, Northampton, VA

Gen 8: Shadrack Atkinson bn circa 1706 Cumbria,


Jonathan Atkinson pre 1700 Hayton by Brampton, Cumbria, ENG Y


Four Roy Walter Atkinson





Possibly Four


Van Atkinson


Gen 2: Jeff Bailey Atkinson b. 1901

Gen 3: Henry Orel Atkinson b. 1861

Gen 4: Samuel Atkinson b. 1817

Gen 5: Amos Atkinson b. 1792

Gen 6: Elisha Atkinson b. 1744

Gen 7:  John Atkinson b. 1720   Van matches Richard Berrie on 20/21 markers. There is a possibility that this represents a  connection but would require an upgrade of markers tested to confirm. Y




Possibly Four Tom B Atkinson



James Atkinson b. circa 1720   Tom believes he is connected to Shadrack Atkinson but this is yet to be confirmed either by a water tight paper trail or DNA.



possibly four

Sorenson Project

Grand Son of Robert Nelson Atkinson

Gen 3: Robert Nelson Atkinson b. 1889 Charleston, Kanawha, Wv.

Gen 4: David Henry Atkinson b. 1851 Kanawha, Wv.

Gen 5: John Atkinson b. 1800 Guthrie, Kanawha, Wv.

Gen 6: George Atkinson b. abt 1776 ? Pennsylvania   Robert Nelson is at a genetic distance of 5 from Richard Berrie but only on 27/32 markers. If this was backed up by further markers it would indicate a very distant connection. Y




possibly four

John A Adkison


Gen 2: John S. Adkison Jr. b. 1924 in Waynesville, Pulaski Co MO md.

Gen 3: John Solomon Adkison Sr. b. 1899 in Waynesville, Pulaski Co MO md.

Gen 4: William Benjamin Adkison b. 1876 in Lawrence Co AR md..

Gen 5: Granville Adkison b. 1852 in Pulaski Co MO md

Gen 6: James Adkison b. 1825 TN md. Rebecca Greenwood (do not know where he was born in TN)
  John A Adkison is an exact match to Robert Nelson Atkinson on 43:43 markers. Y





possibly four

Sorenson Project

Son of Leander Atkinson

Gen 2: Leander Atkinson b. 1886 Spencer, W. Virginia

Gen 3: Charles Atkinson b. 1843 Washington Co., Ohio.

Gen 4: James Atkinson b. 1819 Greenbrier Co., W. Virginia.

Gen 5: Charles Henry Atkinson

Gen 6: William Atkinson b. 1763 Pennsylvania.

Gen 7: Cornelius Atkinson b. 1732 Ireland

SMGF link him to Cornelius Atkinson bn, 1739 IRE Leander & Robert Nelson Atkinson match on 42/43 markers. They are clearly connected. John A Adkison matches Leander 25:26 Y



Six Glenn Atkinson


Gen 2:            Clarence Willard Atkinson b. 1925 Russellville KY

Gen 3: John Ewing Atkinson b. 1894? Russellville KY

Gen 4: Andrew T. Atkinson b. 1856 Warren County KY

Gen 5: Andrew Jackson Atkinson b.1834 Warren County KY?

Gen 6 (Suspected based on Census information & DNA): Elijah Adkinson b. about 1802 lived in Warren County in 1830.  He had children in the house that supports the idea that he was the father of A. J.

Gen 7: Possibly William Adkinson lived in Warren Co., KY 1810 aged 45. 



Six Ken Adkisson



Gen 2:  Harold Edward Adkinson bn. 1921 Souix City, Iowa.

Gen 3: Fred Eugeon Adkisson born 1900 Sterling, Illinois

Gen 4: Fred Eugeon Adkisson born 1900 Sterling, Illinois

Gen 5: Andrew Jackson Adkisson born 1850 Knox County, Illinois

Gen 6: Elijah Adkinson as above

Gen 7: Possible as above


Seven Byron Atkinson


Gen 1:  Byron Atkinson bn 1925 Corning, Ohio, USA

Gen 2 George Clark Atkinson bn 1902 Corning, Ohio, USA

Gen 3:Samuel James Atkinson bn 1864 Muttonburg (Bristol) Ohio, USA

Gen 4: James Jackson Atkinson bn 1821, Ohio, USA    



Eight Ross Atkinson


William Atkinson bn 1799 Connistone, Upper Wharfedale, Yorkshire Dales, ENG

Gt. Gt Grandfather of Ross.

Christopher Atkinson bn  Yorkshire Dales, ENG Yorkshire, ENG  




NB  possible connection  Atkin DNA Study

James Atkisson

Gen 2: John E Atkisson b. 1882 Clinton Co., IN

Gen3: James W Atkisson b. 1841 Greene Co., IN

Gen 4: John D Atkisson b. 1803 Patrick Co., Va

Gen 5: William Atkisson b. 1772 Pittsylvania Co., Va

Gen 6: Jesse Atkisson b. 1738 Goochland Co., Va

Gen 7: William Attkisson b. 1709 Hanover Co., Va

Gen 8: Henry Atkinson b. 1685 Va.




Ten Jerry Adkisson


Gen 2: Lillard Adkisson b. 1900

Gen 3: James Adkisson b. 1870 Roane, TN

Gen 4: William Adkisson b. 1822 Mauray Co., TN

Gen 5: Absalom Adkisson b. 1793 Halifax Co., Va

Gen 6: David Adkisson b. 1758 Henrico Co., Va

Gen 7: William Adkisson b. 1730 Henrico Co., Va

Gen 8: David Adkins/Adkinson/Atkinson b. 1695 New Kent co., Va     Y


Eleven David N Atkinson


Gen 2: John Thomas Atkinson b. 1883 Ashton on Mersey.

Gen 3: Peter Atkinson b. 1861 Ash

Gen 4: Joseph Atkinson b. 1840 Budworth

Gen 5: Peter Atkinson b. 1802 Ashton on Budworth, 

Gen 6: Joseph Atkinson b. 1767 High Legh, CHS, ENG

Gen 7: Richard Atkinson b. 1710 High Legh, CHS, ENG Cheshire, ENG   Y


Twelve Jamie Atkinson


No Tree listed.



Thirteen William Atkinson




William's paper trail links him to Robert Atkinson. There is a family story that his grandfather was illegitimate. That his father's surname was Fulford. DNA confirmed no Y chromosome connection to his Atkinson kin. Furthermore his Y DNA has been found to match a member of the Fulford DNA Study.



Fourteen Sorenson Project

Grand Son of Frederick Charles Atkinson

Gen 3: Fred Charles Atkinson b. 1898 Cove, Cache, Ut, USA

Gen 4: James William Plummer Atkinson b.1848 Stanground, HUN, ENG

Gen 5: James Atkinson b. 1811 Whittlesey, CAM, ENG

Gen 6: William Plummer Atkinson b. 1764 Whittlesey, CAM, ENG.

Gen 7: Rev Richard Atkinson b. 1717 Whittlesey, CAM, ENG Cambridgeshire, ENG   Y

Sorenson Project.

Fifteen Sorenson Project

Grandson of Frederick Albert Atkinson

Gen 3: Fred Albert Atkinson b. 1878 Riby, LIN, ENG

Gen 4: Jacob Atkinson b. 1832 Ormsby, LIN, ENG

Gen 5: Isaac Atkinson b. 1826 Ormsby, LIN, ENG Lincolnshire, ENG   Y

Sorenson Project


NB  possible connection  Atkin DNA Study

Arthur Atkinson


Gen 3: George Frederick Atkinson born 1903 born Inglewood, New Zealand

Gen 4: Arthur Edward Atkinson born 1849 Immigrated to N. Z. born Sprowston, Nfk

Gen 5: Roberts Atkinson born 1805 born E Ruston, Nfk

Gen 6: Thomas Atkinson born 1774  Walcot, Nfk, Eng

Gen 7: Henry Atkinson born 1743 Newcastle upon Tyne, Eng. Died 1782 Nfk.

Gen 8: Charles Atkinson born 1710 Newcastle upon Tyne, Eng.

Gen 8: Charles Atkinson 1697/8 Holstead, Norfolk.
Norfolk, ENG   Y


Seventeen Marcus W Acheson



  Scotland   Y


Eighteen Sorenson Project

Gt Grandson of Joseph Allan Atkinson

Gen 4: Joseph Allan Atkinson born 1870 Bordentown, New Jersey, USA

Gen 5: Joseph Butler Atkinson bn 1839 Bordentown, NJ, USA.

Gen 6: Thomas W Atkinson bn. 1810 Mansfield, NJ, USA

Gen 7: Colin Atkinson bn 1775 Bordentown, NJ, USA

Gen 8: Thomas Atkinson bn abt 1730 of Mansfield, NJ, USA     Y

Sorenson Project

Nineteen (?3) Donald Atkinson

William Atkinson who was born 
in 1862, Brighton, Carlton County, New Brunswick, Canada. Both 
families moved to Maine.



Twenty  Robert Louis Atkinson




Twenty One (possibly Twenty) Doug Atkinson


Gen 3: Clarence Alfred Atkinson, b. 12 Nov 1895, m. December 1917 (Louie M. Phillips, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, US), d. 31 May 1966, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, US)

Gen 4: Frances Marion Atkinson, b. 18 Jan 1863, m. 19 Sep 1888 (Ella M. Rust, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, US), d. 1 Jul 1931, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, US)

Gen 5: Samuel Kitchen Atkinson, b. 5 Aug 1832, m. 17 Oct 1854 (Mary Elizabeth Cobb, Van Wert Co. Ohio, US), d. Abt 1908, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, US)

Gen 6: Jesse Atkinson, b. 1800, Pennsylvania. (possibly married to Mary Doan circ. 1819), d. circ. 1884      Y


Sorenson Project

Twenty Two David Herring Atkinson




  Mrs Morrow


Gen 2: Judith Atkinson b.1801 Halifax Co VA d.1887 Franklin, Williamson Co Tn m. William Henry Short 1795-1880


Gen 3:  John Atkinson 1755-1837 m. Mary Armistead...d. Williamson Co Tn

Gen 4: Samuel Lemuel Atkinson 1726-1794 m. Mary Ann Taylor ....d.Cumberland Co Va

Gen 5: Thomas Atkinson 1693-1727 m. Sarah Hughes..Henrico Co Va

Gen 6: John Atkinson 1639-1725 m. Eliz Bromwell...Sandy Bedford Co, Eng Bedfordshire, ENG   N
  John Atkinson Sr


Gen 2: Charles Clyde Atkinson, bn 1875

Gen 3: Alford Atkinson, bn 1850

Gen 4: Wilie Alford Atkinson, bn 1814 

Gen 5: Wilie Atkinson bn circa 1781 or 1784.    "My father told a legend that our ancestors came by ship from Plymouth, England in 1695. Both parents died at sea. Two boys and one sister survived. Legend says that one boy was orphaned to someone in the Ohio Territory and one boy was Orphaned to someone in the Virginia Territory. " N
  Charles Aubrey Atkinson Jr


Gen 5: John Louis Atkinson who married Caldonia Childress. ? bn Va circa 1810. He was a Dr. in Mississipi in the Am. Civil War.   "he might be in the line of John Atkinson  of Cumberland, VA 1789 Feb 17 to Mar 6, 1847  
Parents John Atkinson and Mary Armistead."
Twenty Three (?3) Don Atkinson


Gen 2: James Robert Atkinson bn 1882 Seaham Harbour, Durham, ENG m. Alice Brain.

Gen 3: Thomas Henry Atkinson bn. 1834 Bedlington, NBL. m. Margaret Bell nee Wilkinson.

Gen 4: Thomas Henry Atkinson bn circa 1810. Durham, ENG A possible distant connection to Thomas Alphe & Thomas Alfred Atkinson (family 3) Matching them at a GD of 5 out of 32 markers. Y


Twenty Four Richard C Atkinson



Gen 2: Herbert Atkinson bn. 1889 London, ENG m. Freda Feuerbach

Gen 3: Ralph Walker Atkinson bn. W. Hartlepool, DUR., ENG. m. Mary Jane Davis

Gen 4: James Atkinson bn. 1829, Huggate, YKS., ENG. m. Mary Walker

Gen 5: James Atkinson bn. cicra 1900 Huggate, YKS, ENG m. Ann Cautley Yorkshire, ENG   Y


Twenty Five A descendent of Joseph Atkinson


Joseph Atkinson bn circa 1790 Northumberland Northumberland, ENG A possible connection to a number of the group. This may or may not be borne out on upgrading markers. Y

DNA Heritage

Twenty Six Vic Sullivan


William Atkinson bn 1566 Whixley, ENG   Y


Twenty Seven John Sheridan Atkinson




Twenty Eight Larry Atkinson


Twenty Nine Quinton Atkinson


Thirty Bob Atkinson


  Gen3: Nicholas Atkinson d. 1916 Hampstead, ENG     Y


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