Adkins/Atkins Results

There is a sister project, the 'Atkinson & variant', study, namely: The Atkins/Adkins Study. 

I'm discussing the study here in that it has been noted that there is some crossover between the studies ie individuals in which the surname spelling 'Atkinson', & 'Atkins' (or variant) may interchange. As a living Atkinson I find that frequently happens to myself, individuals not hearing the last syllable and writing my name incorrectly. The Atkins/Adkins Study has to-date 30 members. The results for which can be seen at: 

The following links will take you to a comparative tables between the two studies. Before looking at these tables I should point out a number of factors that need taking into account:

1) Testing has taken place across different companies. Different companies test different markers. Thus although the following tables may indicate that participants have tested say 37 markers comparison marker to marker may not be completely possible. For example, an individual testing 37 markers with FTDNA may only be able to compare 32 of their markers with an individual who has tested with relative Genetics.

2) Also of note because we are comparing markers tested by two different companies this involves adjusting some of the marker numbers. Namely, GATA H4. I've added 1 to FTDNA results for accurate comparison to the SMGF results.

3) Some individuals tested with FTDNA have been found to have a null value at DYS 439. This has a particular importance. To understand this see: http://www.familytreedna.=Null

NB:  for simplicity I've only included those results from the Atkins/Adkins study which have a clear connection to each other and those from the Atkinson study which clearly may indicate a crossover:


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Looking at the genetic distances in the above tables would indicate:

There would appear to be several possible connections with some members of the Atkinson group and those of Adkins/Atkins. Many of these are however based on only 12 marker comparisons and as such should be viewed with caution. 12 markers are only really of use for very rare surnames and of little use for common surnames such as Atkins or Atkinson. I have many examples on people apparently matching on 12 markers but the match disappearing when the numbers of markers are upgraded. Conversely I have exact opposite examples of people not appearing to match on 12 markers but having upgraded find a clear, though distant, connection. Therefore excluding the 12 marker matches there are the following Atkinson - Atkins connections:

Of more interest:

Adkins/Atkin Matches: amongst the Adkins/Atkins group, there are a number of 12/12 matches. These may be proven or disproved connections on upgrading. They really warrant doing so.

A number are kin as indicated by their paper-trails and also backed up by DNA. Notably:

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