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We do not publish telephone numbers on this website, but all members have contact numbers for the coaches in your 'welcome packs'. 
If you want to speak to us though, just send one of us an email and we'll call you or give you a number to ring.
For general communications, email and you'll normally get a reply within hours.
For individuals, use the '' addresses below.  Please note that apart from 'welfare' these are automatically copied to both Chris & Toni.   If you only want the named recipient to get your mail, please use the 'direct' addresses to ensure privacy.  Hope that's not too confusing! 
 Toni Jantschenko:

email: (via Web site)  or  (direct)

 Chris Edwards:

email: (via Web site)  or (direct)

 Mandy Jackson and Pauleene Johnson (Welfare Officers):

email: (via Web site)  (this is forwarded directly to Mandy and Pauleene and is not seen by any other club official)
Mandy and Pauleene are also present at most club sessions if you'd like a chat.

 Website content and feedback:

Please let us have your constructive suggestions and comments on our website!


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