Mary Potter - Biography

The following table provides a summary of Mary Potter's life:

9 April 1900 Marian Anderson Attenborough born.
1916 Beckenham School of Art. Taught by A K Browing.
October 1918 - June 1921 Slade School of Art, where she wins bursaries and scholarships. Taught by Professor Tonks.
1922 Exhibited with New English Art Club
1922 - 1923 Member of the Seven & Five.
1927 Marries Stephen Potter. Lives in Chiswick.
1928 Son, Andrew Potter born.
1931 Son, Julian Potter born.
1932 Exhibits in Bloomsbury Gallery, London.
1934 Exhibits in Redfern Gallery, London.
1939 First show at Arthur Tooth & Sons, London.
1939 - 1942 Moves with Stephen and BBC to Evesham and Manchester.
1942 - 1945 Lives in country in Essex.
1945 - 1951 Lives in Harley Street, London.
1951 First show with Leicester Galleries, London.
1951 Moves to Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Lives at Red House.
1955 Divorced from Stephen Potter.
1957 Swaps houses with Benjamin Britten. Moves to Crag House in Aldeburgh.
1963 Moves to the Red Studio, built for her by Benjamin Britten in the grounds of the Red House, Aldeburgh.
1964 Retrospective show at The Whitechapel.
1967 First exhibition at New Art Centre, London.
1979 Awarded OBE.
1980 Retrospective show at the Tate Gallery.
1981 Retrospective show at the Serpentine.
September 1981 Dies.
1989 - 1990 Touring retrospective, organised by Oriel 31 Gallery, visits Newtown, Welshpool, Kendal, Bath, Norwich and Lincoln.
1991 Exhibition during Aldeburgh Festival.
April 1996 Watercolour exhibition at The Fine Art Society in London.
1998 - 1999 Retrospective exhibition during Aldeburgh Festival, followed by exhibitions at The Fine Art Society in London and the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.


You can find out more information about Mary Potter in the biography, Mary Potter, a Life of Painting, written by her son, Julian Potter, and published by Scolar Press in 1998 (ISBN 1 84014 208 1).

Julian Potter's text carefully weaves together the story of Mary Potter's life and career, and is compiled from his own memories and from talks with many of his mother's surviving friends. It also draws on the unpublished diaries of his father, Stephen Potter.

You can purchase Mary Potter, a Life of Painting, from by clicking here.

Mary Potter