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These are currently not emulated, but I wish they would be! This list is in order of feasibility relating to 68060-based host hardware. That said, accelerated '030 hardware should have a decent chance with the uppermost parts of the list.


Since the last time I considered this topic, there have been some welcome changes to this list.

Towards the end of last year, the list of emulated systems, against this wishlist, has increased. We no longer have the Commodore 64, Sega Master System and Game Gear, or the Atari 2600 in this section. The other members of this list are included on the basis that they are at least theoretically feasible on a CT60 level of hardware, if not earlier hardware.

ZX Spectrum 128 - This is on Peter P's list to do. A version of 'FBZX' has already been ported, but is being reworked for the screen display to run more efficiently. A modern Speccy emulator would include the missing 128k series and later Amstrad-ised models, as well as the classic 48k machine. It would be most welcome.

Amstrad CPC series - Should be feasible, if the likes of Atari 800 and C64 are comfortable on higher end hardware. I guess a lot hangs on how efficient, or not, it is to emulate the z80?

Nintendo Entertainment System. Yes I know we have GodlyNes, but this is a wishlist for a generic emulator.

Oric, and other 8-bit systems, like the BBC Micro, MSX etc. See my comments for the Amstrad CPC.

Commodore Plus 4, Is there any news from Oliver Heun/Paranoid? He was thinking of a CBM060 to replace the canned and incomplete CMB030.

Commodore Amiga (at least to classic A500 level). This would have to be hand-coded I guess, but some important things like 68k processor are already present, and also there are various emulations of the 'Paula' soundchip. Would be a major feat if anyone could pull it off.

Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Should be possible, MC68k is at the heart of things again, and the rest could be done at a bit of a stretch. The soundchip emulation would be really ambitious, and a bit beyond the scope of a quick port?

SNES Console. Previously proposed and attempted by P.Mandin. Would be a real coup to get this working on even a CT60 class machine. The current issue holding him back are problems with making workable code for Atari under a modern 'C' compiler.

Some which we have a better idea of, but may exceed current native TOS hardware.

These now include the MAME multi-arcade emulator, which has been ported, but needs at least 4-500mhz, which suggests Aranym, or a future Coldfire/PPC machine. Also the open source Atari ST emulator Hatari has been tested, may suffer from the same problem, which I guess would also rule out WinUAE for the Amiga emulation?

A proper STEEM style ST(e) emulator with an .MSA file launcher would be cool! The STEEM authors strongly doubt that their version would do it, as it is a complete virtual cycle-based emulation requiring even more processor power than the '060 can provide... An easier route might be to 'hook' into the relevant bits of the native Atari hardware, but this would require a dedicated re-code from the ground up, damn!