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I am currently starting my final year at Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK studying BA Geography and I am carrying out the preparatory work and research for my final year dissertation on letterboxing and I need YOUR help!

One of the main areas of my dissertation will be made up of questionnaires completed by letterboxers such as you. Hopefully, these will allow me to gain an in depth insight into letterboxing and your views.

As far as I am aware no one has ever undertaken a dissertation on this fascinating subject and there is certainly no existing academic literature on it. It is with this in mind that I ask you to help me greatly by filling out the following questionnaire.

The questionnaire itself will take no more than a few minutes to complete.

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I can assure everyone that your help will be hugely appreciated and the success of my dissertation relies on your co-operation. I will also ensure that your anonymity is respected and none of your email addresses will be printed in my final dissertation, used for further market research or passed on to any third party.

I would also like to make the point that I am not simply someone who is purely using letterboxing to study, I have been interested in letterboxing at a personal level and have been letterboxing in Dartmoor and on the Isle of Wight.

I am also visiting New York City in mid July to carry out further data collection into letterboxing in the US. I will be spending 4 days in Connecticut in order to meet a group of American Letterboxers, this will also be an important area of my research.

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