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Leningrad Cowboys Go America

Cross 'Road Trip' with 'This is Spinal Tap' mix with a little vodka and you my just get an idea of where this is coming from. Check out the misfortunes of the worst rock and roll band in the world... struggling Siberian rock band, the Leningrad Cowboys.

 Aki Kaurismäki`s hilarious road movie follows the fortunes and misadventures of the band after a local promoter, advises them to try their luck in America. Accompanied by their manager, the Cowboys travel to New York, learning English on the plane. Sporting outlandish long winkle-pickers, oversized Quiffs, and shades, they are passed off as Americans. A shifty car salesman, sells them an old Cadillac. The band strap their frozen bass player to the roof in a coffin full of beer, and head south...


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