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Chilli Recipes - here are a few things to try at home to warm you up a little. Recipes from the Caribbean, Vietnam, China and Tunisia If you would like to submit your own recipe then click here




How Hot Are Chillies? - here is the brief history about the scale developed by Wilbur Scoville in 1912, to measure the heat level in chillies




How Hot is my Sauce? - want to know how hot your chillisauce is on the Scoville scale?





Chilli Links


Tabasco.com, well there are no surprises here as one of my favourite pepper sauces I could not omit them from my web site. They have everything from icons and wall papers for your PC to recipes and a shop.
Nando's Logo Nando's I know that this is a restaurant chain but they also do some wicked chilli sauces. You can order on line as well as downloading some groovy screensavers, wall papers etc.
Chilliworld.com Hot Chilli sauce from over 21 different countries, explore the World of Chilli, Chilli sauces with chilliworld now.
Extremefood.com the official home of Blair's Sauces & Snacks. Founded in 1989 and online since 1995! Blair's Caldera hold the Guinness book of Records for the hottest chilli sauce, at 16 Million Scoville you have to sign a disclaimer before you buy it and at $199 it's not cheap either, don't believe me? then click here







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