Whitby Mon[astery]

Curia Baronis henrici domini Abbatis etc tenta ibidem xv Januarii anno regni

regis Henrici viii xxx..............

Court baron of Henry Lord Abbott held there 15th January in the year of the

reign of King Henry VIII the 30th [15th January 1539]

Then 4  entries, then....................


Curia Baronis Henrici etc tenta die et anno predicto venerunt ["idem"

deleted] Laurencius Russell et uxoreius et uxor fratis sui christoferi et

ceperunt unum tenementum cum suis pretenciis ["in" inserted above the line]

stansiker in tenura eorundem habedum etc.reddendum etc xviiis etc.

Court Baron of Henry etc held the day and year aforesaid there came ["the

same" deleted] Laurence Russell and his wife and the wife of his brother

Christopher and they received a tenement with its appurtenances ["in"]

Stansiker into their tenure to have etc. To pay etc 18s etc

[ In left margin]