Rental Record of Mitten Hill Farm, Hawsker nr. Whitby, 1538                                     Riding the Boundaries September 1767, Manor of Whitby Lathes

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The farm was held by Beatrix POSKETT widow of William

September the 22nd 1767 , Nathaniel CHOLMLEY rode the bounds of his manor accompanied by Thomas WEATHERILL, Stephen CROFT, William COVERDALE, Leonard RUSSELL, BROWN, CLOSE, HUTCHINSON, NOBLE, HILL, SELLARS & WILSON 


Extracts from the Court Roll of Whitby Lathes 1533 - 1551 ( Each file is approximately 600kb)

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partial transcription

Refers to:                    
Roger, Abbot, Roger SAMSON(?), Roger KILDALE




Henry, Lord Abbot, Roger ROBYNSON, Robertus STOROR, Christopher POSTGATE





Roger, Abbot of Whitby,Thomas COVERDALE, Henry Lord Abbot, Christopher STUBBING        



Henry Lord Abbot, Thomas POSTGATE, Henry and Thomas JEFFREYSON, Laurencius and Christopher RUSSELL, Henry COCKRELL, Henry BARKER   Robertus JEFFREYSON, William STORRIE, William BOYIES, James JEFFREYSON, Robert ........





Hawsker rentals from the Whitby Abbey Cartularium

List of Pains from the Manorial Court Records of 1818



Transcript of will of William RUSSELL of Hawsker, 1566/7



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