In the name of God amen the xxvii day of Februarie in the year of our lord god 1566. I William Russell of Hawsker within the p[ar]ishe of Whitbie in the countie of Yorke of mynd and good remembrance do make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manr and forme followinge Fyste I give and bequithe my soull to God almytie my maker and to Jesus Christ my onlie saviour and redemer and to all the celestiall companye of heaven and my bodie to be buried within the pishe churche of whitbie aforesaid. Item I give a bequithe to evryie widowe woman within Hawsker iid Item I give to the maintenance of Hawsker chapell xxd Item I give to Margaret  Russell my mother an old Ryall which is XVs Item I give to Anne Mautbie my sister a pye of twoo years old Item I give to Sir Anthony Watson my curate ijs Item I will that my wife and my children Lancelot and Henrye my sons shall have amongst them all my right title and interest of my fermhold for all such years as I have in the said lease and all my other children to be brought upe of the said fermhold and if my said wyfe marrye then, then my said two sons Lancelott and Henrye shall have my said fermhold jointly together for all my said years bringing up my said children as is said. Item I give and bequeath unto Cecile my wyfe xl s of lawfull english money Item I give and bequeath unto James Eliz and Margaret my children every one of them Xs which would be XLs amongst them with the child that is yet unborne Item I will that John Russell my brother shall have XXXs . Concerning such commission as my mother and my bretheren and I have hadd touching my fermhold in Hawsker aforesaid trusting that my said brother willbe good to all my children  all the residew of my goods after my dettes so that my dettes be paid my will pro'd and my funerall expenses made and done I give and bequeath unto Lancelott Henrye James Eliz. Margaret and my child which is yet unborn in my wyfes wombe , all these being my children whom I make and ordayne my executors jointly together of this my last will and testament also I will ordayne and make Bryan Daile , John Russell and Edward Russell my bretheren to be my supervisors of this my last will and testament and they to see that my said children have the right according to this my will and last testament and my said bretheren to have the tuition and governance of my said children during their minority and for paynes taking with them in the premises I give to every one of them VIs VIIId These witnesses Anthony Watson clerk Bryan Adaill and Rauf Robinson Henrye Robinson John Russell and Edmund Russell and John Smith with other mo[r]o 1566 / E D Decimo Septimo Die Mensis Aprilis Anno DM. Millmo Quinqentissimo Sexigenissimo Septimo ????? de Cleveland


Bryan Adaill Rauf Robinson John Russell et Edmund Russell Testes