This is the rental record of Mitten Hill Farm (428 kb) from the 31st year of the reign of Henry VIII.

The farm was owned by Whitby Abbey at the time of its dissolution and this is where this record originates

A smaller version of the document (247kb)

I am very grateful to Eusebeia Sutherland, Chris Phillips and Audrey Lee for the following transcription and translation

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In Rentali de terr[is] & tent[ament]is Ac o[m]nib[u]s aliis possessionib[u]s tam temp[or]al[i]s

In the rental of the lands & tenements together with all other possessions, both Temporalities 

q[u]am sp[irit]ual[is] quibuscumq[ue] p[er]tin[enciis] d[i]c[t]o nup[er] monast[er]io sursum reddit[ur] &

and Spiritualities and their appurtenances of whateverkind of the said late Monastery surrendered &

dissolut[ur] xiiij mo die decembr[is] Anno regni metuendissimi d[omi]ni Regis

dissolved on the 14th day of December in the 31st year of the reign of our now most dread Lord

nunc Henr[ici] viij dei g[rac]ia Anglie & Francie Regis fidei defensoris 

Henry VIII, by the grace of God, King of England & France, Defender of the Faith,

d[omi]ni hib[er]nie & in terra sup[re]mi  Capitis eccl[es]ie Anglicane xxxi mo 

Lord of Ireland, & on earth supreme head of the English Church

renovato coram --uardo B[?]ekwith Armigo Rec- [Recie?] & Hugon[i] Fuller

renewed before Edward Bekwith Arminger Rec[ie?] & Hugh Fuller 

Audit[ore?] d[i]c[t]i metuendissimi D[omi]ni Regis / mens[is] Septembr[is] Anno 

By the auditor of the said most dread Lord King in the month of September in the 32nd year

regni euisd[e]m d[omi]ni Regis xxxij do/ int[er] alia continet[ur]si

of the reign of the same Lord King, among other things, enclosed thus

                                                                    ut sequit[ur]

                                                                    as follows


The second paragraph:-


Beatrix Poskett vidua nup[er] ux[or] Will[el]mi

Beatrice Poskett, widow, the late wife of William

Poskett defuncti (durant[e] viduitate s[ua]) tenet 

Poskett deceased, (during her widowhood) holds

unu[m] tent[ament]u[m] cum p[er]tin[enciis] ib[ide]m voc[atum] mittanhill

one tenement with its appurtenances in the same place called Mittanhill   

ad t[er]minu[m] s[an]c[t]i martini

at the term of Saint Martin

 in [hibernae]................pente equal[ite]r

 the Bishop in Winter...........Pentecost equally


Marginal Notes


Whitby nup[er]                                        Whitby former

monast[er]ium                                          Monastery


Hawskarthe                                             Hawskarthe

vill[is] p[ar]cell[is] possess[ionibus]          townships part of the possessions

.............monast...........                            [of the same] monastery


xxi s vii d tenet                                        21s 8d she holds

p[er] indentur[am] ut d                            by indenture as [it is said]