Colin Gooch’s Family History

of the

Gooch & Lilley Families of Essex
Hooper Family of Mere, Wiltshire
Lambert & Tydeman Families of Suffolk

Although the largest number of Goochs are concentrated in Norfolk and to a lesser extent Suffolk, my family roots are in the Tendring Hundred of Essex UK together with strands in Suffolk and Wiltshire.
The following pages give the lineage of my parents, grandparents and one great grandparent as far as I have been able to trace them. These families are:

i. The Gooch family of Tendring, Essex, going back to Harwich, Essex from 1700

ii. The Lambert family of Grundisburgh, Suffolk from 1700.

iii. The Lilley family of Essex going back to Boxted 1730

iv. The Hooper family of Mere Wiltshire from 1610

v. The Tydeman family of Earl Stonham, Suffolk from 1600

There are also searchable data bases of all records related to the above families.

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The Gooch

The Lambert Family

The Hooper

The Lilley

The Tydeman Family

Colin Gooch