A World of Beautiful Light

Photography by Ceri Jones

Photographing Light





Photography for me is about capturing those fleating moments of light and shade and presenting images that provides pleasure to the viewer. I aim to photograph the light rather that the object.

A simple aim which is difficult to achieve. This website provides a window into my achievements to attaining this goal and I hope you enjoy the viewing experience.

The images presented in my albums range across a variety of subjects but a key interest of mine is Light in the Woodlands.

I hope to inspire and expose the true wonder of our woodlands and forests through my photography, they represent not only a natural resource for mankind but places of amazing colour, light and beauty.  

"Be a gentle friend to trees and they will give you back beauty, cool and fragrant shade, and many birds, singing."


I also enjoy taking images of any aspect of the natural world, be it the mountains of Snowdonia or the simple buttercupsin my back garden. I hope you will see that images are about primary about photographing the characteristics of light and shade (providing form).





Locations and Times

I live in Reading in the UK and the majority of my woodland images are taken in the woods around Woodcote and Henley on Thames in the county of Oxfordshire.

There are many woods in this area which are open to public to enjoy, these include woodlands within the Hardwick Estate.

A particularly good time to wander these woods are in late spring  (Early - Mid May) when the bluebells are provides one of the wonders of the world - carpets of blue against canopies of fresh olive green foilage with the scent of pollen in the air. Exepriences to refresh your very soul.

Autumn bring the subtle but beautiful autumn tones of the beech woodlands set in misty conditions to provide magical moments that are often seldom seen. It was George Washingtonthat said "“Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise”. How true this is.